What is Bhcg (Beta-HCG), Why Is It Important?

What is Bhcg (Beta-HCG), Why Is It Important?

What is Beta HCG?

Actually, the name of our hormone in question is actually HCG. However, there are two types of this hormone, alpha and beta. Beta HCG (beta human chorionic gonadotropin) is one of the hormones that appear in the body with the formation of pregnancy and indicate whether or not to become pregnant. is one. This is the hormone whose presence is sought in blood and urine pregnancy tests.

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When pregnancy occurs, the HCG hormone begins to increase first in the blood and then in the urine. It can be detected much more clearly in the blood. This is why blood tests give a more accurate result among pregnancy tests. The Bhcg rate in the blood can always be studied in detail.

Beta HCG hormone increases rapidly in the blood when pregnancy occurs. In the later weeks of pregnancy, its speed slows down and becomes steady. At the end of pregnancy and after birth, it gradually decreases and takes the form before pregnancy. Therefore, the week of gestation can be determined thanks to the Bhcg values ​​in the blood.

When does Bhcg rise?

The main reason for the high beta HCG hormone is often pregnancy. However, the increase of the hormone can be seen in the following situations:

Ectopic pregnancy, Empty pregnancy, Some types of cancer, Congenital anomalies (such as Down syndrome), Molar pregnancy.

What does the decrease of beta HCG hormone mean?

< When pregnancy begins, beta HCG levels increase rapidly and reach approximately twice the previous rate every 2 days. Slow increase or even decrease of Bhcg in this process may suggest miscarriage and empty pregnancy situations. This requires a more serious control process.

What is the Bhcg test, how is it done?

As we mentioned above, pregnancy tests with blood and urine try to detect the beta-HCG hormone. However, it is possible to measure the rates of beta HCG hormone accurately and get the most realistic answer with the pregnancy test in blood. In other words, we can say that you can reach a more accurate result by having a blood test instead of home pregnancy tests, especially in the early period.

You do not need any special circumstances to have the test done; hungry, full and you can perform the transaction by giving blood at any time of the day. Bhcg result will appear within 1 hour.

Beta Hcg values ​​in non-pregnant women are 0-10 mlU / ml. So if you see results such as beta Hcg 0.1 or Bhcg 1.20 in the blood you give, you can understand that you are not pregnant. Let’s answer the question you wondered “ How many Bhcg you can get pregnant? “. In order to be able to say that he is pregnant, the HCG hormone value must be at least 10 mlU / ml or above in the blood.

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What are the beta Hcg values ​​during pregnancy?

From the beta Hcg value table below by week of pregnancy < You can see normal values ​​for beta hcg.

Pregnancy week Beta Hcg values ​​3rd week of pregnancy 10-50 ml / ml 4th week of pregnancy 5-425 ml / ml 5th week of pregnancy 20-7300 ml / ml 6th week of pregnancy 1,080-56,000 ml / ml of pregnancy 7.-12. week 7,650-290,000 mlu / ml 13th-16th of pregnancy. week 13,300-250,000 mlu / ml 17th-24th of pregnancy. week 4,000 – 165,000 mlu / ml 25th-40th of pregnancy.However, ultrasound examinations should be performed in order not to be confused with situations such as empty pregnancy.

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