Tests Performed During Pregnancy: Which are the 2nd Trimester Tests?

Tests Performed During Pregnancy: Which are the 2nd Trimester Tests?

What is the Quadruple Test?

The levels of four substances produced by the fetus in the mother’s blood are determined by a quadruple screening test. These four substances are:

Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP): The protein produced by the baby’s liver.

HCG: A hormone produced by the placenta.

Estriol: The placenta and the baby’s a hormone produced by the liver.

Inhibin A: Another hormone produced by the placenta.

If inhibin is not measured and the other three substances are measured, the name of the test is called triple screen test . Quadruple screening test results are more reliable than triple test values ​​. The quadruple screening test increases the sensitivity of detecting down syndrome by 20%.

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4-Way Scan Test Results What Does It Say?

What can be understood from the results of this test? What do the quadruple screening test results tell us? We have given answers to these questions in the following items.

In case of high AFP level, it is possible for the baby to have a neural tube anomaly.

This occurs as a result of improper closure of the tissue surrounding the baby’s spinal cord.

If the AFP level is low and the level of other substances is above normal, it is interpreted that the baby’s down syndrome risk ratio is above normal.

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According to the researches;

As a result of the quadruple screening test, you decide to have more tests and normal results as a result of the tests you have done. you may have bought However, your risk of experiencing complications such as preterm birth and giving birth to a small baby may be slightly higher. This situation is actually very unlikely.

However, we still recommend that you learn from your doctor what you can do to prevent complications that may arise later.

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When Is the Quadruple Screening Test Done?

This test is the 14th day of pregnancy?

is done between weeks. However, the ideal time is between the 15th and 18th weeks.

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Are Quadruple Screening Tests Safe?

Just because you have a blood sample taken The quadruple screening test is safe for both you and your baby. There is no risk of miscarriage and does not cause any complications.

However, before taking any action based on this test, you should make sure that the results have been evaluated by an experienced doctor. Because the result of this test may lead you to more risk-taking tests.

We have prepared a table where you can follow the development of your little one in the abdomen: Practical Pregnancy Follow-up: Baby Development Table during Pregnancy

How Accurate are the Results?

This test is the neural tube Approximately 85% of anomalies can determine the increased risk in approximately 80% of Down syndrome and trisomy 18 cases.

When analyzed alone, it is not uncommon for the result of 4-screening test to be false. The reason for this may be one of the following.

Having more than one fetus.

The fetus is bigger or smaller than expected.

Test results are incorrect.

In vitro fertilization.

If the mother is pregnant with a single fetus; If the gestational week and test results are correct, the doctor may recommend amniocentesis.


Amniocentesis is a method used to diagnose the results obtained from screening tests.

Cells and microorganisms in the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby and consists mostly of the baby’s urine can give a lot of information about the genetic structure and development level of the baby.

By taking some of this liquid, the desired results are achieved as a result of the examination.

What causes amniotic fluid deficiency: What Causes Loss of Water During Pregnancy? How To Prevent It For detailed information about this process performed between. and 14. weeks. Tests Performed During Pregnancy: 1. What Are Trimester Tests? You can look at our article.

If Tests Performed At The End Of The Second Trimester Reveal There Was Something In The Baby;

Let’s say it was feared. Pregnancy tests showed results that did not seem normal and that there was a problem with her baby’s health.

However, instead of thinking and grieving now, we suggest that you ask your doctor whatever is on your mind. Uncertainties tire you more, remember.

So, first of all, you should make sure that your test results are correct. Afterwards, you can try to reduce uncertainties a bit by asking the following questions.

How will this situation related to your baby’s health be affected physically and mentally?

After birth, do you have any surgeries your baby should undergo, If so, what are these surgeries and their effects?

What does the care of a baby in this situation require?

Is it likely to affect the next pregnancy?

End pregnancy If you want to give, what are the possibilities?

With the answers to these questions, you can get rid of the possibilities that you have been thinking about “what if, what if?”

You can also make it easier for you to make a more comfortable decision by taking into account the information you will receive.

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Tests Performed During Pregnancy: 3. Trimester Tests!

Tests Performed During Pregnancy: 3. Trimester Tests!