All About Tests During Pregnancy!

All About Tests During Pregnancy!

Until the eighth month, you may have an order to see a doctor once a month or every 6 weeks. In fact, these visits are likely to become more frequent towards the end of her pregnancy! If you have some chronic diseases before pregnancy, you may be going more often, be prepared.

Controls During Pregnancy

When you go to the doctor’s examination, the change in weight is usually determined and blood pressure is measured. In addition, the doctor may choose to examine the pelvis and vagina. Sometimes, it checks the changes in the cervix and obtains information about the pregnancy.

When we talk about the controls outside of the doctor’s examination during pregnancy, the first thing that comes to mind is ultrasound. So what can we learn through such a common method, ultrasound? We’ve answered this question below.

To make sure that the fetus is alive.

To determine the week of your pregnancy.

If you have bleeding, find out why. 11 Questions All About Bleeding During Pregnancy!

Knowing the location of the fetus before CVS and amniocentesis.

Evaluating the risk of chromosome abnormality.

If you are using spirals during pregnancy, locating the spiral.

You’ll Hear These Frequently During Pregnancy: Pregnancy Glossary

Identifying intrauterine tumors.

To distinguish between miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and normal pregnancy.

How Is Miscarriage During Pregnancy, What Are Its Symptoms and Causes?

In this respect, ultrasound is a method used in every period of pregnancy. So, what are the practices that vary according to the period and the tests that can be done during the specific period of pregnancy? For the sake of clarity, we will explain the information about tests to be performed during pregnancy by dividing it into 3 trimester periods.

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1. Trimester Screening Tests

You should make an appointment with a doctor when you learn that you are pregnant by applying a pregnancy test. After this first meeting where the general health condition is evaluated and how many weeks pregnant will be determined, it can contribute to the comfort of your pregnancy if you have a good agreement with your doctor who will guide you and your baby.

Well, what tests will you have in the 1 trimester period? You can find the answer to this question below.

Routine blood tests are done in the early stages of your pregnancy.

Assays that measure immunity against infectious diseases may be requested.

The doctor may want to investigate whether you have a thyroid problem.

Test for HIV virus that causes AIDS can also be done.

Apart from blood test, urinalysis can be used to check whether there is inflammation in the gallbladder or kidneys.

The 1st trimester screening test begins with a procedure called NT, in which the thickness of the thin layer of fluid accumulated on the nape of the baby is measured by ultrasound examination. NT measurement reveals whether there is an increase in the risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as increase in fluid, down syndrome and congenital heart disease.

In blood analysis, HCG and PAPP- The value of A is checked by . As a result of these analyzes, trisomy 18 and trisomy 21 values ​​ can be determined.

If the dual test does not come out as desired, you may be asked to have a chorionic villus biopsy (CVS) test. This is a highly accurate method used in the diagnosis of many diseases.

More detailed information about the tests performed in the 1st trimester period. Tests Performed During Pregnancy: 1.

Trimester Screening Tests

Blood levels of alpha-fetoprotein, HCG, estriol, inhibin A substances produced by the fetus are seen with quadruple test result . If inhibin A measurement is not made, triple test values ​​ are obtained.

If the doctor thinks that there is a risky situation as a result of these tests, he may recommend performing an amniocentesis test. In this test, the amniotic fluid your baby is in is examined.

Here is the detail: What is Amniocentesis, When and Who Is It Performed?

Well, after amniocentesis what kind of information do we obtain? You can find information from this test below.

Problems with the chromosome. Skeletal diseases. Fetal infections. Central nervous system diseases. Blood diseases.

The result of the test is more than 99% accurate in diagnosing Down syndrome. However, we cannot say that this test can definitively diagnose whether the baby has a congenital disability. Amniocentesis can only determine risk.

You may experience sadness and anxiety if a worrying result is reached after the tests performed during the 2nd trimester.

For more detailed information about what kind of controls it will go through in the second trimester and its results. Tests Performed During Pregnancy: Which are the 2nd Trimester Tests? You can read our article.

3. Trimester Screening Tests

In this period, it may be a matter of wonder whether the baby’s head is in front or not. At the beginning of the third trimester, if your baby’s feet are first, you shouldn’t worry. He will have enough time to relocate in the womb.

Another point you shouldn’t worry about is that your baby’s movements will decrease! Because the baby has grown enough, it may not be able to find much room to move in the womb. However, if you are worried about the slowdown in these movements, you should consult your doctor immediately and have the necessary check-ups.

One of the possible tests during this period is the glucose screening test. It is a very simple test. If this sugar loading test turns out to be a problem, the complications caused by this problem will disappear after a while. Therefore, it is the problem that does not seem scary. However, if you do not want your baby to be born overweight, we recommend that you take the necessary precautions.

If you are carrying this bacteria, most fetal infections that may occur in your baby can be prevented with antibiotics given during birth.

Well, what are the tests you should have if your baby is still not born even though you have completed 42 weeks?

In such a case, Nonstress, Contraction and biophysical profile test can be applied.

More detailed information about these tests performed on baby’s fetal movement tracking count . Tests Performed During Pregnancy: 3. Trimester Tests Which are? You can find it in our article.

In this article, what to expect while waiting for your baby / Heidi E. Murkoff- Sharon Mazel, Healthy Pregnancy Guide / Mayo Clinic and Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy / Dr.Glade B. Curtis resources are used.



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