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1 Uadjit Egyptian Mythical cobra goddess. F
2 Uald Norse Ruler. F
3 Uald Teutonic Brave. F
4 Ualda Teutonic Brave. F
5 Uatchit Egyptian Another form of Hathor. F
6 Udela Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. F
7 Udele Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. F
8 Ula Celtic Sea jewel. F
9 Ula Scandinavian Wealthy. F

10 Ula Spanish Abbreviation of Eulalie. F
11 Ulai Biblical Strength, fool, senseless. F
12 Uldwyna English Special friend. F
13 Uli German Mistress of all. F
14 Ulicia Irish Feminine form of Ulik. F
15 Ulka German Mistress of all. F
16 Ulla Biblical Elevation, leaf, young child. F
17 Ulla German Has willpower. F
18 Ulla Swedish Will. F
19 Ulrica English Feminine form of Ulric: Wolf ruler. F
20 Ulrica German Mistress of all. F