What You Wonder About Normal Birth in 12 Items

What You Wonder About Normal Birth in 12 Items

1- Let’s find out first: What is normal birth?

Normal birth is the process of giving birth to the baby vaginally with the spontaneous contractions, pains and breaking of the water within the 38th and 41st weeks of pregnancy without any intervention. If there is no health condition that will threaten you and your baby, you should deliver your baby with normal birth.

Normal birth is the most natural and correct birth form, it is true that it is painful, but this pain is a momentary pain and disappears after birth. .

To compare, you do not suffer during cesarean delivery, yes, but after cesarean section you suffer from surgery site and stitch pain. In other words, you suffer for a short time with normal birth! However, besides all of them, we are sure that when we hear about the benefits we will talk about in the following lines, we are sure that they will look more favorably at normal birth!

2- In what week the normal birth happens ?

The ideal time for a birth is 40 weeks. However, some births can take place within the 37th and 42nd week.

Births before the 6th week of pregnancy fall into the “preterm birth” category.

3- The most important preparation before going to the hospital: Birth bag

We will talk about the signs of birth, but before you experience these symptoms, it will be useful to prepare a delivery bag. Well, if you do not know what should be in it, let’s take you to our article: Neither Missing nor More: A List of Must Have in Birth Bag

4- You should definitely learn: Normal birth symptoms

As you approach the last weeks if you are going to have a normal birth, some symptoms that you can understand will begin to emerge.

– A bloody and sticky discharge known as “birth order” among the public: This mucus-like substance called engagement is actually a plug that protects the baby by closing the cervix. The reason for this mucus coming down is the increase in uterine contractions!

– Contractions: The first contractions indicating that delivery is approaching, are felt at certain and regular intervals such as every 5 minutes or 3 times in 10 minutes, the pain is slow increases slowly.

The most important feature that distinguishes these pains from real birth pains is its irregularity.

– The coming of water: The water mentioned here is the amniotic fluid. It is fluid like water and slightly yellowish in color. Amniotic fluid comes in very suddenly and when this happens, it is best to go to the hospital immediately. Because with the separation of amniotic fluid from the uterus, the baby may become vulnerable to germs.

– Urination: Increased urination is one of the birth symptoms. However, you can confuse some urinary urgency with the rush of water. You have to be very careful with this! It has been observed that some women mistakenly think that although their water comes out during this period, it is urine. These confusions can cause problems up to losing the baby.

– In the colloquial term, “falling belly”: In the last period of pregnancy, the baby moves down, that is, towards the birth canal. This causes the abdomen to lose its steepness and descend.

5- Confused about this: How do you understand normal labor pain?

Real normal labor pains are quite regular. Thanks to this layout, you can understand that your pain is a harbinger of birth. These contractions usually start every 5 minutes, increase to 3 times in 10 minutes, gradually the intervals shorten and the duration of the contractions increases. We can compare the first pains to menstrual pain, it spreads to the waist and abdomen, but there is no clear description of the pain afterwards, every woman will experience different pain. increases. You have to pull the pain and wait until your uterus is adequately opened. When the uterus is opened 10 cm, you are ready for birth! However, in some cases, the uterus is not opened, alternative ways are applied when it is in question.

6- Here is the information you expect: How to perform a normal birth ?

All symptoms occurred, your pain is Of course you got the breath in the hospital! In order for labor to start, the cervix must be opened about 10 cm.

After this process, the remaining opening is provided by straining (This process is reduced by 2 hours in the second birth and 3 hours in the third birth). After this process, the moment of birth begins. The harder you push and breathe properly, the quicker and easier your labor will be. The doctor may enlarge the vagina with an incision called an episiotomy to facilitate the baby’s exit.

We also talked about this subject: Episiotomy with 9 Items (Birth Stitch) and Care

The baby’s head begins to appear as a result of bumps and contractions. After this process, your doctor may tell you not to strain and take deep, rapid breaths. The baby’s head first comes to light, then his shoulders and slowly his whole body frees from his body. The umbilical cord is also cut. Usually, babies start to breathe and cry as oxygen hurts their lungs as soon as they are born, but this process can take up to 5 minutes sometimes.

By the way, you may also seek epidural anesthesia for a less painful birth. What is Epidural Birth and How Is It Applied? We explained everything in the article.

After the baby gets rid of your body, the contractions continue for a while and the placenta is ejected from the body.

The doctor will check if stitches are needed and then close the perineum with a few stitches if necessary.

There is no close to the baby in the mother’s womb: Everything About the Placenta in 10 Items

After all these procedures, all your pain will be over and you will not suffer again. You can hug your baby and experience the happiness of meeting him.

7- Especially the questions that women who experience their first pregnancy are curious about: Normal How many hours does the birth take?

If it’s your first pregnancy, your delivery may take a little longer.

If we think that everything is going well, if we add that about 8-9 hours to wait for the uterus to open and about 2 hours to give birth, normally a birth can take an average of 10-11 hours.

In some cases, the mother’s womb can take up to 10 hours. It may not be opened sufficiently despite the waiting and pains. In such cases, the presence of a problem is understood and the possibility of normal birth can be eliminated.

Those Who Have Normal Birth Describe Their Experiences and Feelings!

8- Normal birth stitches

In normal birth, an episiotomy, ie a birth incision, can be applied to the vagina. This incision is a small incision made into the vagina so that the baby can come out more easily. If this procedure has been done, it is necessary to stitch the vagina after birth. These stitches may vary depending on the size of the incision.

The stitches placed in the birth incision improve in a short time, the stitches dissolve by themselves. But if proper care and attention is paid to cleanliness! We have listed below what you need to do to prevent infection and opening of normal birth stitches:

Make a warm compress.

This will relax you and your stitches.

After the toilet, you should clean it very gently with warm water.

Change the pad you use frequently due to bleeding and discharge. Failure to change these pads regularly increases the risk of infection.

Go to bed and rest as much as possible. The baby spends most of the day sleeping in this process. You should rest with it too. Stitches of mothers who host guests, lift burdens, and rush to various tasks show much later recovery.

9- Mothers are curious

VBAC, that is, vaginal birth after cesarean, is a topic that is frequently on the agenda in our country. Mothers who cannot give a normal birth despite their desire for various reasons may face some obstacles if they want to have a normal birth in their second birth. Turkey does not apply the normal postnatal cesarean section in.

If the mother only if the cesarean first time

The birth canal is suitable for normal delivery

relevant to my mother Rahima a If he has not undergone an operation,

If the baby’s weight and head are normal, there may be a possibility of normal delivery.

However, if the uterus is cut vertically in cesarean delivery, it means that the possibility of normal birth is no longer possible.

10- Here we come to the most enjoyable place: Benefits of normal birth

Normal birth is the most natural and healthiest delivery method in all aspects. As strange, painful, and abnormal as it may seem to you, your body is actually ready and scheduled to give birth normally. This should be the only way you should choose unless there are situations that threaten you.

Those who give birth normally always say the same sentence; “I’m glad I gave birth normally!” Let’s look at the pleasant part of normal birth, that is, the benefits for you and your baby!

Benefits of normal birth to the mother

After a normal birth, you will return to your life very quickly . Recovery is much easier and faster.

You stay in the hospital for a maximum of 1 day and you can take care of your baby much more because you do not suffer unbearable pain.

The risk of infection during normal birth is much less than cesarean delivery.

Since you give birth in a completely natural way, your milk hormones work faster and shortage of milk is much less common than cesarean.

Postpartum weight loss is much faster.

The death rate is much less.

Benefits of normal birth to the baby

The baby is unlikely to have respiratory problems. Because the baby is subjected to pressure in the birth canal, where it enters the normal birth path, and the amniotic fluid in the lungs is discharged.

The baby encounters some bacteria in the birth canal and takes them into his body, these bacteria help the baby to strengthen the immune system.

Babies born with normal birth are born with a much more developed sucking reflex.

Unless the baby has an abnormal condition, intensive care is not taken in a bathtub.

With your baby, immediately skin to skin You can keep in touch and strengthen your relationship.

11- What to do for normal birth?

In fact, no matter how much you want, the process is determined by your baby and your health. If there is no threat, we can give you some simple advice to give birth normally and facilitate birth:

You should control your breathing and learn to breathe correctly.

If the idea of ​​pregnant yoga and pregnant pilates appeals to you, you can start looking at these centers: Pregnant Pilates and Yoga Center

Control your weight gain. If you and your baby are overweight, the chances of a normal birth may decrease. Learn how: Everything You’re Wondering About Pregnancy Weight Gain!

Don’t listen to anyone! In this process, soundness of psychology and high morale are very important. However, there will definitely be someone around to tell you bad scenarios. You don’t have to listen to them, you don’t have to talk to anyone about them! Let your doctor be the only person you will listen to and talk to!

Get Help from Kegel Exercises to Make Birth Easier!

There is also information that eating dates facilitates the opening of the uterus.

However, what we call birth is a painful event for a short time, regardless of the method. But the most important thing you need to know for a normal birth is that these pains will last for a short time, end as it is, and as a result, you will be able to take your sweet baby in your arms immediately.

Mothers’ fear of normal birth is often caused by intense pain, dying during childbirth, giving birth to a dead or unhealthy baby, doing shameful things, and not trusting doctors. When the disaster scenarios they hear from right and left are added to this, a simple fear can turn into a phobia and it becomes a situation that will prevent the whole life of the expectant mother. As a result of this situation, women can become self-harming and experience intense postpartum depression.

In such cases, the doctor’s confidence and knowledge to give the mother-to-be, these pains will last forever and It is very important that the family members and other relatives do not take the situation seriously and cause unnecessary anxiety.

Apart from psychologists, you can get support from a birthing assistant, Doula.

Interested in the topic? Let’s have a look at it: What is Doula? How It Helps You in Preparing for Birth?

13- Normal birth or cesarean?

The answer to this question depends on the health of you and your baby. If there is a situation that puts your life or your baby’s life at risk during a normal birth, the only method by which you can give birth is cesarean. However, there are no such cases, but if you are afraid of normal birth, you can perform optional cesarean delivery.

However, if there is no threat, you should know that there is nothing more normal than a normal birth!


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