What is Virgin Mary’s Herb (Fatma’s Hand Herb)?

What is Virgin Mary's Herb (Fatma's Hand Herb)?

What is Virgin Mary herb (Fatma Ana eli otu)?

Virgin Mary herb is a plant known to help those who have problems in getting pregnant to have a baby and facilitate birth. It is also known as Virgin Mary herb or Fatma Ana herb.

It is generally in the form of tuber, woody and dry roots. It only opens leaves when it rains and returns to its old dry appearance after collecting water on its stem.

Where does the story of Virgin Mary herb come from?

According to rumor, the story of the Virgin Mary herb is Hz. Prophet Muhammad’s daughter. It comes from being sewn by Fatma. At that time, weed was not only about fertility; It is believed to heal people for many ailments.

What are the benefits of virgin mary herb?

Fatma Ana Eli has a high rate of estrogen hormone, which makes it easier to get pregnant. It accelerates the blood flow. It increases the quantity and quality of sperm. (How to Increase Sperm Quality?) It increases the speed at which sperms settle in the ovaries. If consumed regularly, it is beneficial for urinary incontinence problem. Thanks to its antimicrobial feature and antioxidant in it, it treats skin wounds such as wart.It reduces birth pains.

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How to use Virgin Mary herb?

How to use Virgin Mary to get pregnant?

< strong> How to prepare Virgin Mary herb? : First of all, let’s say that these recommendations come from those who use Virgin Mary herb. You should keep Fatma Ana herb in a glass jug for 1 day and drink it with your spouse in the morning and evening. It is especially important that you consume 1-2 days before the ovulation period. So, you should follow the ovulation cycle before applying.

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Another condition is to wrap the Virgin Mary herb in a cloth and carry it on it. This is believed to make it easier to conceive. There is no exact information about the time you need to carry the weed on it. However, once you start to carry Mary’s weed, you should never take it out. It should be on you even when you have sexual intercourse with your partner.

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Although those who got pregnant with the Virgin Mary herb claim that these methods work, there are many people who have negative results.

You can see the opened form of Fatma Ana’s hand weed below.

How is Virgin Mary herb used at birth?

When is Fatma Mother weed put into water? : If your aim is to have an easy birth, you need to put the Virgin Mary herb in water when the pains start and drink a few sips of it when the plant is opened. It is said that as the weed opens, the womb of the expectant mother opens, so you can give birth more comfortably.

Also, the person who helped the birth “The hand is not mine; Fatma Mother’s hand. ” It is believed that rubbing his back by saying heals. When the birth is over, the weed must also be removed from the water for the uterus to collect itself.

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Where is the Virgin Mary herb sold?

Fatma Ana herb is found in Arabia. It is a plant that people from Hajj or Umrah often bring with them. You can find it in the Spice Bazaar or herbalists in our country, you can supply it from e-commerce sites such as Hepsiburada and gittigidiyor.

Also, if you have used Meryem grass before and became pregnant, you can buy it from it.

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