What is a sperm test (Spermiogram)? How is it done?

What is a sperm test (Spermiogram)? How is it done?

What is a sperm test?

If you have not been able to become pregnant despite having sexual intercourse for 1 year without protection, you may be talking about infertility. When you apply to your doctor in such a situation, some tests can be done for you and your wife. Spermiogram test is one of the applications made to his wife in this context. So we can simply say “ male infertility test ” for a spermiogram.

Meanwhile, another name of the sperm test is semen analysis.

The purpose of sperm test is to examine the speed, number and quality of the sperm. . In the results, it is checked whether the sperm of the spouse is working sufficiently for pregnancy. If there is a problem, it is evaluated to shape the treatment methods.

How is the sperm test done?

When infertility findings are detected, several different examinations are performed before the spermiogram. It is checked whether he has had a serious health problem in the past and whether he has chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart, liver. In addition, after an examination of the reproductive organs, the spermiogram test is started.

It is useful to perform the sperm test in a fully equipped IVF center or in the andrology department of hospitals.

The doctor will warn his wife about what to do before giving a sperm test. The most important of these is to have sexual abstinence, that is, not to ejaculate in any way. The fasting period for the sperm test is at least 2 and maximum 5 days. After this process, sperm test should be given to the center.

The sperm sample to be taken for testing is given in a hospital environment. This sperm sample is obtained by masturbation in the spermiogram room in hospitals. In the meantime, products such as lubricants and soap should not be used by her husband. In addition, his fingers and penis should not touch the container where the sperm sample will be placed. Your partner may be reluctant or uncomfortable to masturbate in this environment. In such cases, it is absolutely necessary to talk to the doctor and choose an appropriate method.

Semen analysis begins as soon as the sperm sample is taken.

When is the sperm test result available?

Spermiogram results are generally evaluated within 1 hour.

In this process, after the sperm are stained with a special method, the cells are examined. The result will reach you and your partner within 1 day.

How should the sperm test be normal?

When you get the results We know that you will wonder, “ How should normal spermiogram values ​​be? “. From the table below, “What should be the sperm test advanced fast motility?”, “How should the spermiogram leukocyte value be?” You can find answers to questions such as.

Evaluated property Values ​​Volume 2 ml and above pH 7.2-8.0 Sperm concentration 20 million / ml Total sperm count 40 million and above Sperm motility 50% of sperms are expected to move forward . Morphology 30% of the sperm are expected to be normal. Leukocyte content should be less than 1 million ml. Sperm liquefaction time 30 minutes

After the spermiogram results are obtained, it is evaluated by the doctor and it is clarified that there is no problem. If features that cannot achieve pregnancy are detected in sperm analysis, treatment methods are investigated.

This may be an alternative method: What is IVF, How is it Done?


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