What is a female condom? How to use?

What is a female condom? How to use?

What is a female condom?

Female condom is actually a birth control method. Produced from soft and thin polyurethane material, this cylinder cover prevents pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases by covering the reservoir and cervix. Femidom is also known as “female condom”.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Ay┼če Duman says that if female condoms are used properly, they provide 98% protection against pregnancy.

Let’s clear up one confusion: Diaphragm is another product that is mixed with female condom and used in birth control. However, the diaphragm does not have any protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

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What are the positive aspects of using female condoms?

Responsibility of condoms allows you to share with the partner! It protects against unwanted pregnancy. It prevents sexually transmitted diseases. It has proven to be more successful than male condoms in this regard! Since it covers the outer genital area, it provides protection against HPV and reduces the risk of cervical cancer.Since it can be worn hours before sexual intercourse (up to 8 hours), it eliminates the cleavage barrier to wear condoms during intercourse. There is oil and water-based lubricant in the female condom made of nitrile. It can also be used with external lubricant. Nitrile does not make you feel the presence of a condom, as it passes heat very well.

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How to wear a female condom?

Let’s talk about this first. There are flexible rings at both ends of the condom. Some also have a sponge on the closed end. You need to insert this flexible ring or sponge into your vagina so that the condom stays in place. The other end of the condom is outside of the vulva, but at the entrance of the vagina.

You can learn how to wear a female condom with illustrated explanation. We explained all the steps step by step!

After carefully opening the package You need to squeeze the ring on the closed end of the condom thin and long.At this stage, be sure to push the condom in as far as it will go. If you push the ring in far enough, it will open again when it enters. If you feel the condom and it is not in public, it means the condom is not placed correctly. Make sure the condom is not twisted or folded inside the vagina. The open end of the ring should stay outside of the vagina. After intercourse, you should carefully remove and discard the condom, and not use the same condom more than once. If the tip that was outside during intercourse escapes into the vagina, you should immediately stop the intercourse and remove the condom from your vagina.

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Where is female condom sold?

Although not available in most stores, female condoms are available in pharmacies and some cosmetic stores. It is not a prescription product; There are also virtual markets where you can order female condoms. However, you should make sure that the condom you buy is reliable and that the expiry date is not expired.

What are the brands of female condoms?

Durex is one of the most preferred brands of female condoms.

Prices vary according to the brand and the number of products in the package. We can say that the average price of a package containing 40 condoms is 90 TL.

What are the downsides of female condoms?

Some women may think that it is difficult to remove and put on a female condom. The open end of the female condom is visible from the outside. This can cause you to feel bad about self-confidence. Condoms can cause noise during intercourse. Using more lubricant can reduce the sound. It’s a more expensive product than a male condom, and it can be harder to procure as it’s not very common to use. Finally; According to the comments of those who use female condoms, the product is extremely reliable in terms of protection, but it does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

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