What Does Placenta Previa Mean? What Are the Symptoms, Risks and Treatment?

What Does Placenta Previa Mean? What Are the Symptoms, Risks and Treatment?

What is placenta previa?

In some pregnancies, the placenta settles in the lower part of the uterus and partially or completely covers the cervix. This is called placenta previa. Let’s say that it is a dangerous situation since it carries the risk of heavy bleeding and is counted among the complicated pregnancies.

There are two types of placenta previa:

Placenta previa marginalis (Partial previa, marginal placenta previa)

The tip of the placenta is located 2 cm beyond the cervix and It does not completely cover the cervix. Yet, it does not prevent vaginal delivery.

Placenta previa totalis (Tam previa, total placenta previa)

It is the situation where the placenta covers the cervix completely. Because there is a risk of heavy bleeding, vaginal delivery is not possible, the baby is taken by cesarean section.

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Causes placenta previa?

The reason is not known exactly.

It is more common in women who are older, give birth a lot, and smoke.

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It is thought that those who have had uterine surgery and cesarean section are at greater risk.

By the way, it is more common in women over the age of 30 than in those under 20.

Women who have had placenta previa in their previous pregnancies are unlikely to experience the same condition in their next pregnancy.

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How common is placenta previa?

Among placenta anomalies, the baby’s spouse being below is seen in 1 out of 200 births.

What are the symptoms of placenta previa?

Painless vaginal bleeding is the main symptom. The color of the blood is crimson and the amount varies from light to high. The bleeding may stop, but may recur after days or weeks.

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When does placenta previa occur?

Almost all cases of placenta previa are routinely occurs in the second trimester ultrasound performed Sometimes previa manifests itself with bright red bleeding in the third trimester (sometimes earlier).

If you are bleeding in the late second half of your pregnancy, you should suspect placenta previa.

You can completely forget about the baby’s partner being ahead. Most placenta previa cases resolve spontaneously until the third trimester.

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How is the treatment of placenta previa?

The treatment is based on whether the fetus is mature enough to be born and whether blood comes from the vagina. it depends on many factors. Since even the most gentle cervical examination can cause bleeding, only if the baby is decided to be taken or if it is possible to perform an emergency cesarean, manual examination is performed.

If the placenta is close to the cervix and does not close the uterus and there is no bleeding, the doctor may recommend that you rest at home. Only in this case, because there is a possibility of premature birth, you can give medications that will make the baby’s lungs mature.

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If the bleeding recurs, you can be hospitalized. It can be decided to have a cesarean operation where the baby will be born safely. If the placenta is down, the baby is more likely to be in an upside down position. If there is uncontrolled bleeding, the baby is usually taken by cesarean section.

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Let’s reassure you by saying that placenta previa is diagnosed early and correctly in most cases.

This can make the next cesarean operation more difficult and complicated.


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