The Twenty Thirth (23) Week of Pregnancy

One of the most important things for you during pregnancy is the development of your baby. In order for your baby to develop in a healthy way, your health needs to be at a good level. Therefore, you need to do a lot of research throughout the pregnancy and learn about the process. In this process, articles prepared within the framework of scientific evidence will help you a lot. We have tried to prepare you an article with these features. In today’s article, we will talk about the 23rd week of pregnancy for you.

What are the physical changes that occur during the 23rd week of pregnancy? What changes in the mother’s body during this process? What is the physical and mental change of the baby during the 23rd week of pregnancy? If you want to get information about these topics, you can read the rest of our article.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 23. Week of Pregnancy?

During the 23. Week of pregnancy, you have noticed that your baby is developing rapidly. It is especially natural that you have a sharp swelling of your abdomen and that you experience pain due to this swelling. In the process, your baby weighs approximately 28 centimeters. In addition, your baby weighs approximately half a kilo. This weight continues to increase rapidly this week. While your baby’s weight increases during this process, the fat mass in his body will actually increase. Increased fat mass will increase your baby’s weight faster in the coming weeks.

During this process, a rapid development will be observed in your baby’s circulation system. Your baby’s arteries and other parts of his arteries are expanding rapidly. Blood flows through these expanding vessels much faster and more powerfully. In this way, your baby’s different organs will be provided more intensive blood flow. This will enable the internal organs to function more strongly. That is why many babies perform more frequent urinary excretion during the 23rd week of pregnancy.

Now you can easily see the traces of your baby’s different limbs and your baby’s movements. Your baby’s limbs will be imprinted on your stomach. It’s even possible to feel like you’re holding your baby’s hand in a short time. This may seem strange to you at first, and you may feel over-occupied. But if you get in touch with your baby, this process can become even more emotional and enjoyable for you.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 23. Week of Pregnancy?

During the 23. Week of pregnancy, especially in certain parts of your body may not like to observe bloating. You will observe some edema formations, especially in your leg area. The most important reason for this is that the blood circulation in your legs is reduced. This reduced blood circulation may make your legs look whiter than before. You may not like this image of your legs, which is more swollen and whiter than before.

It is important to ensure that your blood circulation increases gradually during this process. You can try some kinds of exercises for this. If you wish, you can ask your doctor about this. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes during this process. Comfortable shoes will give you a better blood circulation. We also recommend walking frequently during this process. If you walk continuously, you can perform your exercises and become more and more healthier, and the birth process will be easier for you.

How about some fun activities for your baby during the 23rd week of pregnancy? For example, often spend time alone with your baby. Let him express himself by moving within your abdomen. Talk to her, make sure she hears you. Also stroke him over your stomach while talking to him. Almost all the sensory organs of your baby are now highly developed. Your every move or any kind of communication will be at the level your baby can perceive.

At this stage of pregnancy you can write several letters for your future reading to your baby. With these letters you will have the chance to give your child a perfect gift in the future. You can read our other articles for having information about pregnancy.

23 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


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