The Twenty Second (22) Week of Pregnancy

One of the most enjoyable stages of pregnancy adventure is the 22nd week of pregnancy. At this stage of pregnancy, each mother begins to feel and communicate with her baby intensively. This makes pregnancy more enjoyable for both the mother and father. In the 22nd week of pregnancy, mothers generally want to wear more comfortable clothes and have more enjoyable activities. Because it has become extremely difficult to carry a very heavy body during the day. Therefore, it will be very useful for the mother to perform various activities with her partner in this process. During this process, birth courses and birth exercises are also recommended to many people. If you attend these courses, you will feel more ready for birth as a mother.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 22. Week of Pregnancy?

During this period your baby is in a very rapid change and development. This change is so fast that you feel it intensely in your body. But we will examine the effects of your baby’s development on your body later. First of all, let’s examine what’s going on in your baby’s body. Your baby will grow another centimeter this week and will have a total length of 28 centimeters. Your baby’s weight will reach 500 grams this week. This means a lot of weight compared to the past. It will be more difficult for the mother to carry such weight.

The development of the eyes during the baby’s development process is also very accelerated. Your baby has become more adept at light sensitivity than before. This means that your baby now has an idea of ​​all the events happening outside. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the environments you attend.

Another development of your baby in the 22nd week is the expansion of the hair layer. Your baby’s arms and face develop some micro-hair growth. These hair structures will develop over time and become a protective layer of skin.

During the 22nd week of your pregnancy, your baby’s internal organs work much more systematically and successfully than before. In the past, your baby’s heart beat was very fast, and it meant a more difficult process for your baby. Now your baby’s heartbeat has a more regular and optimal speed. In addition, your baby’s lung, gall bladder organs, such as much more advanced works.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 22. Week of Pregnancy?

In the 22nd week of pregnancy, of course, there are many changes in the mother’s body. These changes are changing your body quickly. Your baby’s increased weight can cause a rapid enlargement of your uterus and hips. Because your body is preparing itself for the birth process, and the expansion of your hips means you can have an easier birth. As your hips widen, your old clothes will become more and more narrow. It may be a good idea to do a little shopping for yourself in the process. With this small shopping you can start to feel better and increase your self-confidence.

Exercises during the 22nd week of pregnancy and your partner’s interest in you will reinforce your sense of well-being. We have a little advice on this process. In this process, try to continue your social life as much as possible. If you isolate yourself from the outside world from this stage of pregnancy, this process may seem very overwhelming over time. But if you continue your social life, you can go through a more psychologically healthy process.

One of the most important things for you in this process is to see a doctor continuously. You are in a process where your baby’s development is very critical. In such a process, it is important to ensure that everything is progressing correctly. Therefore, it is important to perform some pre-pregnancy tests and to closely monitor your baby’s development within the framework of these tests.

You can also make small purchases for your baby. Just because you have learned the sex of your baby recently, shopping will be more enjoyable than before. You can read our other articles in order to understand the differences occur in different weeks of pregnancy.

22 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


Written by Lady Byron


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