The Twenty Eighth (28) Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a long but enjoyable process. There are many difficulties for a mother in this process. It is very important to have information about the pregnancy process in order to get the best out of pregnancy and to protect your baby’s health. There are many websites on the internet that can offer you detailed information about this subject. However, the vast majority of the information contained on these websites is incompatible with scientific data.

We use scientific data in the articles we prepare for you. In this way, you have the chance to find 100% accurate and satisfactory information. On our website you can find and review articles about different weeks of pregnancy. In today’s article, we will talk about the 28th week of pregnancy with you. How does the baby’s development process change during this week, and how can the mother’s physiological and psychological changes be classified? If you are curious about the answers to these questions and you have reached the 28th week of your pregnancy, we recommend that you read our article as soon as possible.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 28. Week of Pregnancy?

By the 28th week of your pregnancy, your baby is now over a kilo. In this process, your baby to gain weight so fast, you can cause your movements more unstable. So you need to be more careful than ever. Also this week, your baby is about 38 to 40 centimeters in length. If your baby is so tall, it will cause your uterus to expand. Your enlarged uterus may also increase your vaginal discharge.

Keep in mind that your baby has a sleep and wake cycle during the 28th week of pregnancy. During this process, you will understand the periods when your baby is sleeping. If your baby is awake, he will often move and perceiving these movements will allow you to sense that your baby is awake.

It is known that your baby often dreams during this process. Your baby will often see your voice and your touch in his or her dreams. Your baby’s circulatory system and heart are now quite advanced. Your baby lives much healthier than before. Your baby’s internal organs work very well. The details of your baby’s heart are formed in every detail. Different chambers of the heart, capillaries have already formed so that your baby’s different internal organs can pump blood more quickly and powerfully.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 28. Week of Pregnancy?

Of course, these changes in the baby’s body are so intense that it affects your body’s structure closely. Most of the physiological and chemical changes that occur in your body are those that can be easily noticed from the outside. You will often feel your legs numb during this period. These numbness in your legs will often disrupt your sleep patterns. Disruption of your sleep patterns can cause you to be sleepless during the day. Such situations can make you more stressful in your daily life. Therefore, it is very important that your partner supports you during this process. Thanks to the continuous support from your partner, your psychological health will be restored in a short time.

During this period, you should visit the doctor at least twice a month. These visits are very important to keep a close eye on the rapid development of your baby. In the 28th week of pregnancy, you are very close to birth. Therefore, be sure to make all preparations for the birth.

In the 28. Week of pregnancy, if blood incompatibility occurs with your baby during this process, consult your doctor. The necessary medication or intervention should be performed. Otherwise, it is possible that you will observe various problems in your child’s development process. There are certain situations in which you should pay attention to this process. For example, you should not carry too heavy. If you carry too heavy items, you will soon be disrupting your baby’s placement in the uterus.

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28 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


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