The Twentieth (20) Week of Pregnancy

During the 20th week of your pregnancy, you may begin to feel serious changes in your life. In this process, you will begin to hear many suggestions from your environment, especially about how to balance your work and home life. Some of the advice from your environment may make sense, but many may be unreasonable. So instead of getting advice from people around you, try getting help from your doctor or a psychologist.

You can also share your concerns with your partner. Mothers who do not want to leave their working life generally prefer to hire a babysitter. Nevertheless, according to the researches, the fact that the mother is constantly side by side with the baby in the first 6 months has more positive results in terms of the baby’s psychology and physiology. Returning to work after a 6-month break is really necessary for both the mother and the baby. Because a mother who has to be completely isolated from the outside world may feel anger at her baby in time and this anger may disrupt the mother-baby relationship.

All of your concerns about this issue during 20. Week of pregnancy are normal. Especially as the birth process approaches, mothers think about it most. Especially if you are a young mother, you may experience the feeling that your life is being occupied. If you experience such feelings, do not feel guilty about it. This is a very natural feeling and needs to be tolerated.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 20. Week of Pregnancy?

By the 20th week of pregnancy, your baby reached exactly 25 centimeters in length. This is a very high size. Your baby’s weight also increased rapidly and reached 300 grams. The important limbs in your baby’s body have become increasingly clear. During this period, you can see your baby’s genitals especially during your ultrasound visits. In this process, many parents often begin to shop for babies.

In the process, your baby’s body has become quite flexible. Your baby began to make quite different movements within your belly. In the 20th week of pregnancy, babies are mobile enough to roll over. This situation makes the life of mothers a little difficult. The 20th week of pregnancy is the perfect time to communicate with your baby. Your baby has sensory organs that are completely focused on listening to you and communicating with you.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 20. Week of Pregnancy?

You may have gained approximately 5 kilos in the 20th week of pregnancy. This is an ideal weight gain situation. But if your weight is in the range of 3 to 7 pounds, you’re still in a fairly normal range. In the process, you are now half of your pregnancy. The majority of this pregnancy went through without gaining much weight and even noticing that you were pregnant. Therefore, it was a very fast process. But the second half of pregnancy will be a little slower for you. Because your baby will start to make you feel it more and more with each passing day.

In the process you will notice that your hair is quite bright and strong. You will receive a lot of compliments on this. The reason for such a change in this process is the intense secretion of your pregnancy hormones. Especially estrogen and pragesterone hormones cause your hair to shine brightly.

As you learn the sex of your baby during the 20th week of pregnancy, you will often want to shop. But do not buy all your baby’s needs at once. Because when you buy your baby’s needs you will want to buy many things you like constantly and if you buy everything in the first week, things you buy later will be unnecessary. Such a situation will cause waste. You can go to a doctor about 3 times a month to keep a close eye on developments related to your baby. Your doctor will not break you. Ulstrason visits will make you feel closer with your baby. Be sure to eat during this process. Never be in environments where harmful products are consumed. That is all you need to know about 20. Week of pregnancy.

20 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


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