The Thity Fifth (35) Week of Pregnancy

You has achieved to catch up to the 35th week of pregnancy. Your pregnancy can now result in birth at any time. A very high majority of pregnant individuals give birth within 35 weeks and 39 weeks. Do not worry, the birth you perform during this period does not count as premature birth category. You have successfully survived a long pregnancy period since the first week. If your partner has been with you emotionally and physically during this process, the pregnancy should have been easier for you than other women. As your baby approached the birth process, you bought all the products your baby needs and bought the items you would need, especially for the hospital. Since you have a bag ready for the hospital, everything is fine.

During the 35. Week of pregnancy process, many people will tell you that you have to keep the bag you prepared for the hospital in the car. We also recommend that you follow this recommendation. You are likely to forget your purse on the way to the hospital in anxiety. It will be very difficult for your partner to come back to get the bag, especially if you live in a big and crowded city. Therefore, it may be useful to take such small measures. So, what happens on your body in the 35th week of pregnancy? How is your baby in your belly and ready for delivery? If you want to know the answers to these questions, please read the rest of our article.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 35. Week of Pregnancy?

Your baby has completed most of the development process in the 35th week of pregnancy. Your baby’s weight this week is approximately two and a half kilograms. Your baby’s length is approximately 46 centimeters. Your baby will continue to gain weight continuously during this period and within 4 weeks which will follow this week. This weight gain situation will take place mainly by storing fat. Since your baby often stores fat, he or she can gain weight much faster than in the past 4 weeks. What’s more, these fat deposits help strengthen your baby’s immune system.

Your baby’s kidneys and liver are highly developed. Developing internal organs cause your baby to produce more waste in a short time. Therefore, during this process you want to go to the toilet constantly. Since the movements in everyday life have become much more difficult than before, even going to the toilet can be tiring for you. Please note that you can get support from your partner for all kinds of issues during this process.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 35. Week of Pregnancy?

In the 35th week of your pregnancy, your body has made the most important preparations for giving birth. During this process, you will notice that your uterus is stretching and stuck to the pelvic region. This is an opportunity your body provides for you to give birth more easily. Every part of your body has been mobilized in this process to feed the birth canal and start you into birth more easily. Your cortisol levels in your blood have increased, your fat has increased, and your muscles in the uterus are getting stronger. You can start birth exercises to give birth more easily.

There are many videos on Youtube about birth exercises. In the process, many mothers are calming themselves by making plates. Plates not only provides you with a more flexible body, but also makes you feel mentally ready for the birth process.

As a mother, you may start to worry about your baby as your birth process approaches. If you think your baby’s development in your abdomen isn’t complete, visit your doctor several times a week. Monitor your baby with the help of ultrasound during these visits. In this way, you will easily eliminate your concerns and be relaxed.

You are likely to experience dizziness, anxiety, or high-intensity pain at week 35 of pregnancy. If you experience such situations, consult your doctor. Consuming drugs or stimulants during this period will be absolutely harmful for your baby. Therefore, never try to use a medication without your doctor’s knowledge. Do not risk your baby’s health.

35 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


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