The Thirtysecond (32) Week of Pregnancy

The rapid progression of the pregnancy process creates some changes in both the mother’s body and the baby’s level of development. The changes can be easily noticed at 32 weeks of pregnancy. The rapid development of your baby in the womb creates some hormonal and physical changes in you. During this period, you will start to secrete the hormones estrogen and pregesterone very quickly. The intense secretion of these hormones means that you have entered a new era not only physiologically but also psychologically. Therefore, you may need to do more research to understand the process.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 32. Week of Pregnancy?

Your baby was really heavy during this process. Approximately 1 kilogram and weighing 800 grams of your baby is getting longer and longer. Your baby is about 41 centimeters long and covers a large part of your uterus. One of the biggest changes you will clearly feel in your baby during this process is your baby’s feather structure. Feather structures began to form in your baby a few weeks ago. However, by the 32nd week of your pregnancy, your baby’s hair and other hairs are visibly formed, which means they are quite long. Thanks to these feathers, your baby protects certain parts of the tip and takes precautions against any infection.

In the 32nd week of pregnancy, many systems in your baby’s body work much more powerful than before. The heart pumping blood very quickly, the intestines work very hard to produce feces, the digestive system is working intensively to extract healthy minerals from the food. In this way, your baby does not have difficulty in finding the necessary support for the rapid growth process. Of course, the body that works so fast and intensively needs a high amount of energy. Therefore, mothers should pay close attention to their feeding routines during this process.

During the development process of babies, 32nd week of pregnancy has a special meaning. This week your baby performs the kicking movement more often than before. This frequent movement can scare you and turn into intense pain in your abdomen. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to reduce these movements. Children who are mobile in the womb can cause such problems during pregnancy, especially after 30. Week of it. So, what are the differences that mother faces with during the 32. Week of pregnancy? If you would like, let’s move on to them.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 32. Week of Pregnancy?

The 32nd week of pregnancy is very intensive and tiring for every mother. Because this week, mothers carry a very heavy baby. Babies also need more energy than ever before. When all these situations are combined, it is easier to understand why the mother is constantly tired and sleepless, especially in the 32nd week of pregnancy.

During this period, many changes occur in your body. Did you notice that the rate of blood in your body increases as the pregnancy progresses? As your blood content increases, your body becomes more red than before. Your blushing face may become a nuisance over time. But in fact, this amount of blood in your body will increase your face more bright, your body will cause healthier. Therefore, it is possible to feel yourself more beautiful than before. In addition, your hair will look much brighter and healthier than before. Your hair will start to grow very quickly. Of course, your hair is not the only hair that will grow faster in this process. Unfortunately, during this process, you will experience hair growth in various parts of your body. Solving these problems can be more difficult than before because of your body’s imbalances. You may also want to consult your doctor about this.

We recommend walking frequently during the 32nd week of pregnancy. You will experience some pains at regular intervals. Walking is the perfect solution so that these pains can pass quickly and not cause you struggle for a long time. Walking allows your body to regenerate within a short time. That is all you need to know about 32. Week of pregnancy. You can read our other articles to understand much more thing about pregnancy.

32 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


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