The Thirty Third (33) Week of Pregnancy

Now, you must feel that a long and tiring pregnancy process is about to end. Your body is much bigger than before. The weight you gain and the weight of your baby makes you have difficulty even standing. In addition to this, your baby’s instant kicking and other movements are becoming really tiring. Therefore, you may want your pregnancy to end as soon as possible. But you can be sure that the weeks after the 33rd week of pregnancy will pass very quickly. Now you have only a month and a half to have your baby. Much less than before. Have you decided what your baby’s name will be? How’s your baby’s room? Did you shop for the basic needs of your baby? If the answer to all these questions is yes, you are ready to give birth to your baby!

What Happens To Your Baby in the 33. Week of Pregnancy?

Your baby’s development rate is still very high at 33 weeks of pregnancy. As your baby prepares himself for the week of birth, he gains more and more weight each day. In the process, your baby’s weight can range from approximately 1,800 to 1,900 grams. Your baby’s length is approximately 45 centimeters. Therefore, it may be more difficult for you to carry your baby than before. During this process, you will begin to feel your baby’s movements more clearly than before. Therefore, you can startle often during the day. Remember, these weeks are the last pleasant weeks of your pregnancy. You are about to come to the end of this long marathon. Therefore, try to enjoy the process.

As your baby grows, we see that the volume of the fluid called plesenta that feeds your baby decreases. Because your baby covers the entire area in your abdomen and there is not much place for the placenta. Despite this, you still need to go to the toilet frequently. Because your baby’s digestive system now works really fast and powerfully.

Within 33 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s power of vision is very strong. For example, your baby can understand the difference between night and day through your belly. This means that your baby has an idea of time and days for the first time. In terms of your baby’s development process and brain activities, it is important to realize the difference between day and night. Because the activities of the brain, the intensity of work starts to be organized according to the difference between day and night.

What Happens To The Woman’s Body in the 33. Week of Pregnancy?

What are the changes in the mother’s body during this process? First of all, let’s talk about why the baby’s vision is so developed. The fact that the baby can comprehend the difference between day and night in the 33rd week of pregnancy is not only due to the strengthening of the sense of sight. We see that the mother is getting thinner with the stretch of the uterine wall. The stretching and tapering cervical wall causes light waves to be reflected more clearly inside. This allows the baby to explore the outside world in more detail from the belly of the mother.

The uterus is not the only area in the mother’s body that grows. The entire mother’s abdomen is now extremely thin and bright. Because as the baby grows, your mother’s skin continues to stretch. This flexibility causes brightness, transparency and, of course, skin cracks in the abdomen. Many mothers are not happy with this. It is possible to improve this condition later with certain cosmetic products and certain aesthetic treatments. Therefore, you do not need to bother you for skin cracks.

Your fingers and hands that thicken during this process may cause you to fail to perform many tasks as before. In addition, your hands, which have collected edema, can often pain. Therefore, if you do the work you need to use your hands, try to rest your hands frequently. You need to pay attention to what your body and baby need in the 33rd week of pregnancy. Try to revise your daily life in line with your and your baby’s needs.

33 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


Written by Lady Byron


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