The Thirty Sixth (36) Week of Pregnancy

If you are in the 36th week of pregnancy and you are wondering what will happen to you this week, you are definitely in the right place. During the 36th week of pregnancy, hormones secreted by your body began to increase very quickly. These increased hormones have caused changes in various parts of your body that develop apart from main pregnancy syptoms. If you want to examine what these changes are, you can read the rest of our article.

Your estrogen and progesterone levels are incredibly high within the 36th week of pregnancy. There is a very clear reason for this. As your birth process approaches, your body understands it’s time to produce food for your baby. It is precisely in this process that milk production has intensified so that your baby can suckle. Your child’s fasting for the first day or two after birth is not badly affected. However, if your milk is not secreted after the first few days, you may have to resort to some alternative methods. Therefore, your body aims to start milk production a few weeks earlier.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 36. Week of Pregnancy?

So, what are the changes your baby has experienced during the 36th week of pregnancy? How does your baby’s development process change? Please read the rest of our article to answer these questions.

Your baby increased the weight gain rate in the 36th week of pregnancy. Your average weight now is 2,750 kilograms. It is known that your baby’s length reaches approximately 47 centimeters. During this process, your baby has approached the birth canal thoroughly. Birth process is closing day by day to you.

If your baby’s internal organs work quickly during the 36th week of pregnancy, you may need to go to the toilet frequently. During this period, the pleasure you receive during the day may be reduced due to such small problems. But what you need to focus on is that you are in the last weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, try to be tolerant of these last minor problems. If you constantly share your problems with your partner, it will be easier for you to overcome these problems.

During this period of pregnancy, your baby almost entered the birth canal. Your uterus is now much more flexible and ready to give birth at any time. Therefore, you have already decided where to give birth and who your doctor is.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 36. Week of Pregnancy?

What are the specific changes in the mother’s body during 36. Week of pregnancy process? These changes must be looked at. If you become aware of these changes and know what an ordinary process should look like, it will be easier for you to notice unfavorable developments than before. Hair growth may be observed in the mother’s body due to the hormones secreted intensively for a long time. Since it is difficult to use methods such as waxing or hair removal during pregnancy, you may feel a little uncomfortable with this hairiness during this process.

Women also notice that vaginal discharge occurs frequently during this period. Keep in mind that vaginal discharge is quite natural. This may increase, especially as the birth approaches, ie at 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Another thing the mother can often observe in her body is the cracks in her body. Fractures of the body that become increasingly apparent due to rapid enlargement and growth can disturb the mother. However, it should not be forgotten that body cracks are only aesthetically problematic and not a medical problem.

The majority of individuals who reach the 36th week of pregnancy want to give birth in a short time. However, if it is possible to wait for another 3 weeks and perform the birth at the end of the 39th week, it is the ideal time for birth. Therefore, mothers should not forget this. Let your doctor decide whether the delivery process will proceed normally or by caesarean section. You can be sure about that this is a critical question that cannot be certain until the last second of birth. That is all you need to know about 36. Week of pregnancy.

36 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


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