The Thirty Seventh (37) Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a tiring process for many parents. But the 37th week of pregnancy means almost the end of this process. Most mothers don’t wait 39 weeks to give birth. Instead, many mothers are entering the birth process from the 36th week of pregnancy. 37th week of pregnancy is a difficult process for both your baby and you. Because your baby has begun to have great difficulties in getting into your belly. You have difficulty in carrying the weight due to the rapid growth of your baby, and your pains and pains have really increased. So you probably want to give birth as soon as possible.

Significant changes occur both in the mother’s body and in the baby’s developmental routine at 37 weeks of pregnancy. As the baby approaches the birth process, it gains weight faster and longer. This makes it more difficult for the baby to continue to live in the mother’s abdomen. Therefore, the more intense internal organs produce more waste. The 37th week of pregnancy is therefore also tiring for the mother. The mother should continue to consume energizing foods during this process. It is also recommended that the mother walks frequently to maintain optimal physical health.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 37. Week of Pregnancy?

By the 37th week of your pregnancy, your baby has really grown up. Your baby weighs approximately 3 kilograms in this process. Your baby is thought to be between 49 centimeters and 50 centimeters in length. In ultrasound images, your baby’s photos will be much clearer than before. Because your baby now has a completely human appearance with every point. Therefore, birth can occur at any time.

During this process, your baby’s lungs are in a very intensive preparation. As you know, your baby was not in direct contact with the air while in your belly. Instead, he was breathing with oxygen molecules in the placenta fluid. For your baby who will be in direct contact with the air after birth, this is quite difficult. Therefore, the lung develops rapidly in the 37th week of pregnancy and takes its final form. In the process, your baby’s lungs begin to do some exercise exercises as if they were in contact with the outside world. This makes it easier for your baby to breathe when he or she is first born.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 37. Week of Pregnancy?

Does all these developments cause exra changes in your body? The answer is, of course, yes. Numerous changes take place throughout your entire pregnancy. 37th week of pregnancy is one of these intensive processes. Nowadays, there are some findings that extra hormonal changes take place in the mother’s body, especially this week.

The biggest change the mother has experienced this week is undoubtedly about amniotic fluid. As you know, the baby is swimming in a liquid in the mother’s womb. This fluid is called amniotic fluid. The concentration of this fluid in the mother’s womb begins to decrease in the 37th week of pregnancy. With this decrease, it is possible to say that the mother is starting to feel a little relieved about carrying her baby. Because, in fact, amniotic fluid is a highly concentrated liquid that covers at least as large an area as a baby.

It is possible to say that deep cracks in the mother’s body due to gaining weight increase day by day. This may reduce the mother’s self-confidence. In fact, however, this is quite natural and can be tolerated by exercises after birth. The most important thing in this process is to be motivated for all physical exercises. If mothers follow a strict sports routine after birth, they can easily lose their weight and restore their body.

When the 37th week of pregnancy is completed, a period begins for the mother to experience frequent pains. 37 weeks is the time the baby makes the final preparations for the birth. It is therefore important that the mother takes care of herself during and after this week.

During this process, you may also experience a condition such as seeing blood in the urine. If this happens, don’t worry. This is extremely normal as long as it is minimal.

37 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


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