The Thirty Nineth (39) Week of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re almost at the end of the pregnancy. Most of the mothers who reach the 39th week of pregnancy are giving birth within this week. Rarely, some mothers may have to wait until the 40th week of pregnancy. If you do regular breathing exercises and walks, you probably won’t have to wait until the 40th week. The 39th week of pregnancy is officially the last week of pregnancy. After this week, the mother visits the doctor constantly for control. Frequent pains often cause the mother to feel ill and now want the birth process to begin. Unfortunately, if you have to wait a little longer for the birth process, the best thing is to wait. If you cannot experience the real pain during this process and you need to give birth to the baby, doctors can give you artificial pain and start the birth process. Remember to consult your doctor to make critical decisions in the process.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 39. Week of Pregnancy?

Within 39 weeks of pregnancy, your baby reaches birth weight and birth length. Therefore, it is possible to say that your baby is technically ready for birth. Of course, birth will take place not only with the current state of your baby, but also as a result of your body’s reactions. Therefore, even within this week, delivery may still not occur. In the 39th week of your pregnancy, your baby weighs between 3 kilos and 3 and a half kilos. Overall it is possible to say that it is an average of 3 kilos measured at 200 grams. Your baby is about 50 centimeters long.

Your baby’s brain development continues rapidly in the 39th week of pregnancy. Your baby’s brain development will continue after birth. According to the work of psychologists, a child cannot have a brain as advanced as the brain of an adult individual until he is seven years old. Complete development of all parts of the brain occurs only after the age of seven. In the first three years after birth, the most basic features and areas of your baby’s brain will develop. Therefore, it may be reasonable to make development plans for the post-pregnancy period.

Pregnancy is almost complete. But don’t forget to take care of your nutrition routine without losing it. Also remember the movements you need to physically avoid. That is all!

What Happens To The Woman’s Body in the 39. Week of Pregnancy?

In the 39th week of pregnancy, you will experience more fatigue than ever before. This fatigue can often make you feel exhausted. But in fact, there’s something you should remember in this last week of pregnancy. You are now in the last week without a mother. From the day you give birth, you will have to take care of your baby frequently, which will completely change your daily routine. So it might be good for you to spend time in the last week in a way that you feel good about.

During the 39th week of pregnancy, you can read a long book, listen to your favorite music, spend time alone and sleep a lot. All these will be memories for you after the birth. Therefore, we recommend you to enjoy these times.

It may also be a good idea for you to have plenty of chat and spend time with your partner during the 39th week of pregnancy. Because the time you spend with your partner during this process can be a source of motivation for you after birth. Unfortunately, you will not be able to spend any time with your partner for a while after your baby is born. You will have to wait a long time for sexual experience. So it might be good for you to spend a romantic couple of nights with your partner.

Try to control your stress because you are in the final stage of pregnancy. We recommend breathing exercises and yoga. Discover the ability of your own body and stop fearing. That is all you need to know about whole pregnancy period. YOu can read our other articles about others informations about your baby and yourself.


Written by Lady Byron


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