The Thirty Fourth (34) Week of Pregnancy

Nowadays, pregnancy is a long and tiring process for not only mothers but also fathers. Therefore, approaching towards the end of this long process actually reassures parents. Especially in the last stages of pregnancy, it becomes much more difficult for the mother to carry the baby and meet the needs of the baby. The mother, who needs continuous support to maintain her daily life, feels very tired during the 34th week of pregnancy. Furthermore, the approach of birth means that the mother experiences pains and problems. Routine pain experienced by the mother during the day has increased its intensity in this period. Therefore, women in this process need more moral support than before. Of course, the greatest subject of this spiritual support can be partners. Be sure to share your difficulties and changes in emotions with your partner during this week. Now, if you wish, with you in the 34th week of pregnancy, both the changes in the mother’s body and the baby’s developmental changes

What Happens To Your Baby in the 34. Week of Pregnancy?

During the 34th week of pregnancy, many women witness very closely the changes experienced by their baby. As the baby accelerates the growth process, his weight increases. This is a change that mothers can feel quite easily. In the process, your baby’s weight increased very quickly. During the 34th week of pregnancy, your baby weighs approximately 2.2 kilograms. In addition to this weight, your baby’s height is now really long. Your baby is approximately 45 centimeters long.

You have officially entered the birth period in the process. Your baby is completely ready for delivery. Of course, it would be ideal to wait a few more weeks and ensure that your baby gains weight and has an even stronger body. But if you have the possibility of premature birth due to any problem, you don’t have to be afraid of it. A birth during this process will not pose a life-threatening risk to your baby.

Your baby is now completely covered in your belly. Consequently, the concentration and amount of placental fluid in your abdomen has decreased. Actually, this is a good thing for you. Because when your baby comes out of your belly when you give birth, if your placenta fluid is not too much, you will lose weight in a short time. Your baby’s body works perfectly this week. All internal organs continue to function optimally.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 34. Week of Pregnancy?

During the 34th week of pregnancy, many individuals begin to make various preparations for birth. You can also complete your final preparations in this process. If all of the items you need to use during the delivery are not ready yet, we recommend that you complete the last deficiencies in your bag. For example, you need to prepare your nightgown and pajama sets that you will wear everyday. Also, don’t forget to add all the women’s health products that you want to use in this process. If you wish, you can watch videos about what should be put in the bag prepared for the birth process.

You’re almost at the end of the pregnancy. You’re only a month away from giving birth. Your body’s feeling of numbness and other signs of fatigue is extremely normal. In this process, allow yourself and often lie down and relax. When you have time, take short one-hour walks. This will make it easier for your baby to enter the birth canal.

During this process, visit your doctor frequently. Your doctor can give you the most important information about how the upcoming birth process should take place. The doctor will also give you detailed information about your baby’s development in the last weeks before birth.

This week, you will see your hips and waist stretching much faster than before. Your body continues to expand very intensely to give birth. Expansion of your body, especially the growth of your hips, will give birth to your baby more painlessly and easily.

That is all you need to know about 34. Week of pregnancy. Do not worrt about birth process. Prepare all the things you will need and wait.

34 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


Written by Lady Byron


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