The Thirty First (31) Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting and difficult process for parents. In order to be healthy in this difficult process, the mother must continuously make active efforts. The development of the baby progresses differently in each week of pregnancy. Of course, there are some changes in the mother’s body depending on the baby’s development. A mother who is familiar with her own body will easily notice the important stages of development of her baby. The mother’s daily nutrition routine and activities in her life are sufficient to successfully survive the pregnancy. If you want to get information about pregnancy, you are in the right place. In today’s article, we will talk about the changes in the 31st week of pregnancy for you. If you want to learn this subject, you can read the rest of our article.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 31. Week of Pregnancy?

In the 31st week of pregnancy, many people begin to feel the development of your baby very intensely. It is possible to say that during this process, the last stages of pregnancy have been entered. This week of pregnancy, especially your baby’s weight has increased too. Your baby grew rapidly, reaching approximately 1 kilogram 800 grams. Therefore, it may be more difficult to carry your baby than before. Your baby fits quickly during the development period. Your baby’s height reached approximately 40 centimeters during the 31st week of pregnancy.

It is possible to say that your baby’s entire sense of smell has developed during this process. Of course, your baby living in the placenta can not actively use the sense of smell. However, the development of the sense of smell can be understood by the fact that your baby’s nose is growing.

Your baby has some routine behaviors. For example, he or she yawns, coughs or sobs at regular intervals. These behaviors are known to develop with the development of the respiratory system. During this process, we can say that your baby’s internal organs develop rapidly. For example, your baby’s bladder, lungs and liver develop very quickly. The rapid development of your baby during this process will often make you feel tired and dehydrated. If you do not want to feel like it often for water. Sometimes you may experience a feeling of bloating. When you experience such feelings, you can massage your stomach. A massage on your stomach will easily reduce your bloating.

What Happens To Your Body in the 31. Week of Pregnancy?

During the 31st week of pregnancy many changes occur in your body. These changes will be particularly intense in this process. During this process, you will see that your vaginal discharge will increase. First of all, we’d like to tell you not to worry too much about this. If this liquid is too intense and smelly, we recommend that you consult your doctor soon. But if the density of this liquid is not too high, it will disappear soon. Therefore, you do not need to see a doctor immediately.

During the 31. Week of pregnancy period, your milk production capacity has increased. It is natural that you sometimes notice a few drops of milk flowing through your breasts. If you experience such a situation, this is actually good news for you. If your breasts are already very swollen and your milk drips from time to time, this means you won’t have problems producing milk. Your baby wants to suckle from the first moment he is born, and it is the healthiest condition that he does not eat any food other than milk for the first six months. So if you don’t have a problem with milk production, it is a good news for you.

During these late stages of the pregnancy, you can make small purchases for your baby. You can also buy pajamas and nightgowns for yourself after pregnancy. Because you may not have much opportunity to shop after the pregnancy is over. That is all you need to know about 31. Week of pregnancy. You can review our other articles in order to be informed about other weeks of pregnancy. There are a lot of articles bout different weeks of pregnancy in our website.

31 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


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