The Thirtieth (30) Week of Pregnancy

The rapid progression of your pregnancy now creates a great excitement in you. As your birth process approaches, you start to fear the possibility of premature birth. Even the slightest pain causes you to go to the doctor and ask for control. Both you and your partner are extremely excited and anxious. Now all the things you need to use in the birth process are prepared in a functional bag. All these developments that you have experienced during the 30th week of pregnancy are quite normal. Pregnancy process is perceived as progressing very slowly especially after 30 weeks.

During the these times of pregnancy, the baby to be carried become more and more heavy and the daily life is difficult to maintain, so the mother may want the process to end as soon as possible. But be assured, premature birth can be more dangerous than any difficulties can be experienced during pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important for you to avoid the possibility of premature birth and to give birth to your baby on time by waiting another month and a half. In today’s article we will talk with you about the 30th week of pregnancy. What are the changes in the mother’s body during this process? How tall is your baby’s height in the 30th week of pregnancy? If you are curious about the answers to these questions, please continue reading our article.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 30. Week of Pregnancy?

Your baby continues to develop rapidly during the 30th week of pregnancy. In this process, your baby’s length has reached approximately 40 centimeters. In addition, your baby’s weight is approximately one and a half kilograms. Your baby’s head grew bigger last week. This week, the brain inside your head is becoming more and more sophisticated. One of the most important developments is the fact that the brain folds are clearly formed. Your baby’s skin develops day by day to protect itself. For example, a layer of hair called lanugo has covered your baby’s skin. Small hairs in the body protect your baby against different kinds infection.

During the 30. Week of pregnancy process, a very important change is taking place in your baby’s life. Your baby can now produce red blood cells by herself or himself. So now your baby’s blood is much more nutritious than before and the immune system is much stronger. Your baby is able to combat the antibodies reaching her body more powerfully than before.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 30. Week of Pregnancy?

But what does all these changes mean for the development of the female body? What you often experience during the 30. Week of pregnancy process is that simple movements in everyday life become much more difficult than before. For example, lying down, standing up while lying is no longer as easy as before. Your abdomen has expanded rapidly, transversally and longitudinally, and it is much more difficult to balance. You also have to pay attention to the position of your abdomen at all times to avoid crushing your baby.

If you drop something on the ground while you are doing any work in the process, do not take the object falling down from the ground. Ask anybody for help. Because bending during this process will cause your baby’s elongated body to bend and crush. There is no need to endanger health by taking such a risk. Your partner will become your biggest supporter in the process.

In the 30. Week of pregnancy, the cracks in your body are now more pronounced than before. Therefore, it is possible that your self-confidence will decrease. But remember, after the pregnancy is completed, if you exercise regularly and pay attention to your diet, the whole image may disappear. You can also use some supportive creams and oils.

Feel free to spoil yourself sometimes during this pregnancy. It is good for you to eat the food you crave, to spend pleasant romantic times with your partner from time to time. In the process, you can also read books about motherhood. That is all you need to know about 30. Week of pregnancy process. We believe that you will be a great mother!


Written by Lady Byron


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