The Thirteenth (13) Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a long and exhausting marathon. In this strenuous marathon, expectant mothers need both information and support. Having information about pregnancy and using it actively creates very positive results for both maternal and infant health. It is important and necessary to establish a conscious order in terms of both nutritional style, lifestyle and routine of doctor controls. Therefore, we prepare weekly articles that show you how pregnancy is progressing. In this article we will talk about the 13th week of pregnancy. The 13th week of pregnancy is the beginning of a new period for the mother and the baby. In the 13th week, we can say that 3 months have passed. Considering that the baby was born at the end of the 9th month, one third of the pregnancy adventure was completed. This means that an intensive process has started in terms of development, change and growth.

What Happens To Your Baby in the Thirteenth Week of Pregnancy?

In the process, your baby continues to move forward with confident steps towards gaining his / her identity. In the previous weeks, your baby’s fingers were formed together. But for the first time in the 13th week of pregnancy, the fingers will begin to separate. However, fingerprints will begin to form on the fingers. This unique fingerprint will be the most unique structure your baby has in life. This important structure in the 13th week of pregnancy is experiencing the first formation process.

Another change your baby is experiencing is that her body begins to grow. Your baby’s head was getting bigger in the previous weeks, but his body was very small. In the 13th week of pregnancy, the body grows and expands. In this way, your baby reaches a more balanced human body image.

When we talk about your baby’s development, you can think of it as being grown up. But in fact, at the 13th week of pregnancy, your baby is still as large as a pea. The reason for the swelling of your abdomen during this process is the rapid expansion of the placenta. At 13 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta reaches approximately twice the size.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the Thirteenth Week of Pregnancy?

As your baby’s body develops so quickly, changes in your body become more noticeable. The changes you will notice during this process can of course make you feel alienation. If you feel such alienation, you can get help from a psychologist. Of course, your partner should take care of you in this process. Changes such as swelling of your abdomen and different parts of your body quickly, expanding your hips, sensitizing your breasts, narrowing your old clothes to you are quite normal and expected changes.

According to some research, the hormone changes you will experience during this period will cause your sexual desire to increase rapidly. There is no harm if you have sexual activity with your partner during 13. Week of pregnancy. Of course you need to avoid risky positions.

During this process, you will observe an increase in vaginal discharge. It may be a good solution to change underwear frequently or use daily pads. Otherwise, you may feel dirty in the power and this may adversely affect your psychological state.

13 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms of Pregnancy and Baby Development Guidelines Week by Week

During the 13. Week of pregnancy, the mother’s body begins to produce estrogen more intensely than before for the upcoming milk production process. This causes extra growth in the breasts, causing more vaginal secretion of your vagina. The liquid secretion process is extremely normal and useful. If the liquid secreted from your body called Leukorrhea is smelly and foamy, you should consult your doctor.

During this process, you can achieve a higher level of hygiene in your vaginal area by using a daily pad. But do not forget to choose the ones without perfume when choosing daily pads. Perfumed daily pads damage the vagina structure.

During this process, talk frequently with your partner about the birth process. Tell him how you want to raise your child and let him tell you his ideas. In this process, it will be important that you act together in the framework of your common views.


Written by Lady Byron


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