The Tenth (10) Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy begins to involve a very intensive developmental process at 10 weeks. Especially in the mother’s body, the signs of pregnancy become more and more pronounced and with the swelling in the body renders the old clothes become almost impossible to wear. The 10th week of pregnancy means approximately 2.5 months of pregnancy. In this process, both mothers and fathers regularly go to the doctor’s supervision and want to witness the development process of babies closely. Therefore, in this process, we see that parents show more conscious movements than before according to their increased knowledge. This, of course, positively affects the baby’s development. As the baby’s development is accelerated in this process, the mother’s work becomes more and more difficult as the baby’s organs also develop. If you wish, let’s examine the developments in the 10th week of pregnancy together.

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What Happens To Your Baby in the 10th Week of Pregnancy?

The 10th week of pregnancy means a very intensive stage of development for the baby. You have estimated that your baby’s internal organs are still forming in this process. At week 10 of pregnancy, many internal organs reach their final state and are transferred to their proper place in the body. This process causes the baby’s body to need more and more energy and nutrients. Maturation of organs with special functions such as liver, lung and spleen causes your baby’s life functions to develop.

Another organ of your baby that continues to develop rapidly is the brain. The brain regions successfully continue the neural organization process. In this way, your baby’s cerebral cortex and different lobes are becoming more and more sophisticated. Of course, this process is not completed in the 10th week. We can say that the development of many parts of your brain is not complete until the age of 7. However, we can say that important steps are taken in terms of brain development in the 10th week of pregnancy.

Babies have really high heart rates during this period. It is possible to say that an infant’s heart rate is 3 times faster than an adult’s heart rate. During this period, your baby’s arms, elbows, hands become more and more prominent, but they are still very small. That’s why it’s still too early to shop for a baby.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 10th Week of Pregnancy?

The 10th week of pregnancy is the week of very important changes for the baby. Therefore, this period is very stressful for the mother. Also, as the pregnancy progresses, mothers become more worried about birth. Mothers who often think about where and how to give birth can experience great tensions. Of course, all of these feelings are natural and have no harm. But if you don’t optimize these feelings, a stressful mood can affect both your baby and you badly. In this process, you can try to get support from your partner and psychologists.

Your nausea complaints will start to increase in the 10th week of pregnancy. You may be worried as these complaints increase. But you don’t have to worry. Increased nausea during pregnancy is not indicative of any adverse symptoms. You should not stop moving and being active in spite of your fatigue during this process. Taking a short walk every day, doing some exercises can be very helpful for both your baby and you. In addition, your walks during this process will make birth easier.

During this process, the growth of your breasts and more and more secretion of your estrogen hormone will cause your body to prepare for milk production. During this process, your milk glands will begin to form. These milk glands will help you to breastfeed your child after birth. During this period, the amount of fat secretion in your body will increase gradually. Because estrogen production brings with it fat production. This will make your skin look brighter and more vibrant than before.

It is normal that you need to change your underwear constantly during this process. Because both urinary incontinence and various fluid streams are the things you will experience in this process. Don’t let them scare you. They are all quite natural events.


Written by Lady Byron


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