The Sixth (6) Week of Pregnancy

As the pregnancy process continues, many people want to be more interested in the development of their baby. Especially since the fifth week of pregnancy, many parents and fathers begin to visit the doctor frequently. For the health of your baby and mother to go to a doctor and to be aware of the developments is extremely useful. At the 6th week of pregnancy, the embryo continues to grow and develop, while new body extensions begin to form. Maternity mother feels pregnant much more clearly in the sixth week than before.

At the beginning of the sixth week of pregnancy, the embryo is just the size of a lentil. This week, however, a rapid growth process takes place, only one week, the size of the embryo reaches three lentil. These rapid growth stages indicate that the mother should be very careful about her nutrition.

6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms Advice and Guide for Fetal Development

How Is Your Baby in the Sixth Week of Pregnancy?

During the 6th week of pregnancy the embryo continues to develop rapidly. For the first time the formation of the eye pits of the embryo begins. These pits are black in color. These eye-holes evolve to the pupil in the coming weeks and the basic structures of the eye emerge in the coming weeks. For example, structures such as lens and retina are structures of the eye.

A 3-fold fast growing embryo in one week now has a circulatory system that works regularly. The heart, which does not work regularly in the first 5 weeks, works much more regularly from the sixth week onwards and it is possible to listen to regular heartbeats. In addition, the development of the intestine, a vital organ for the digestive system, has already begun.

Another tissue developing during this period is lung tissue. In the following weeks, the lung will develop rapidly. In the sixth week of pregnancy, the first primitive tissue of the lung is entering the stage of formation. Therefore, it is possible to say that your baby is developing rapidly during this period.

How Does Your Body Change During 6th Week?

The biggest change you can feel in your body in this process is urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a condition that is often experienced by pregnant women and is quite natural. The pressure on the uterus begins to increase as the embryo begins to develop. This increased pressure causes you to need to go to the toilet more often. You can also face urinary incontinence when you cannot go to the toilet often. Therefore, in the sixth week of pregnancy, it may make sense to have spare underwear with you.

In this process, fluid intake is really important. The most basic nutritional source of the embryo, which is growing and in need of more oxygen than before, is water. Therefore, do not reduce fluid intake in any way. Instead, you can increase your frequency of going to the toilet.

Another physical change you will experience is the deterioration in the enzyme balance of your stomach. A living organism in your uterus causes your stomach enzymes to move upwards. This movement of stomach enzymes causes you to experience some unusual nausea in your stomach. Therefore, you should learn to meet your stomach disorders in this period.

It is natural to notice some disorders in your digestive system during 6th week of pregnancy. If you experience problems such as constipation or diarrhea, go to the doctor. Never use any medication without doctor’s advice during this period. Getting a high percentage of chemicals will adversely affect your baby’s development.

What To Avoid in the 6th Week of Pregnancy?

It is known that many mothers experience fatigue during this process of pregnancy. To get rid of fatigue, many mothers want to increase their caffeine intake and consume coffee or tea continuously. However, too much coffee or tea consumption is very harmful for mothers. This situation may cause abnormal changes in your baby’s heart rhythm and development rate. Therefore, you should limit your caffeine intake rate. Of course, in this process, you must be away from cigarettes and alcohol. Otherwise you can create negative symptoms in your baby.


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