The Sixteenth (16) Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is very exciting for every mother. In this process, mothers who feel the development of their babies closely and they communicate with their babies. This communication is specific to the relationship between the mother and the baby. While many fathers attach themselves to their babies after they are born, mothers begin to assume the role of motherhood from the moment they first learn that they are pregnant. Therefore, it is very important for mothers to learn the weeks of pregnancy and to be aware of the developments during these weeks. Moreover, mothers who are actively aware of the development of their babies and their own bodies become conscious of pregnancy and have the chance to have a healthier process. In this context, today we will talk about the 16th week of pregnancy. What is the level of development of your baby and how does your body change? You can read the rest of our article to find answers to these questions.

What Happens To Your Baby in the Sixteenth Week of Pregnancy?

During this period of pregnancy your baby is in rapid growth. If you remember, we mentioned in your previous articles that your baby is only the size of an apple. By the 16th week of your pregnancy, your baby is approximately the size of an avocado. This growth causes your baby’s internal organs to function faster. In addition, many of your baby’s internal organs become advanced to the highest level. During this period, your baby’s legs are developing rapidly.

Your baby, who manages to keep his or her legs upright, may look too long on your ultrasound visits. In addition, another change that will surprise you and make you happy during this process is that your baby is actively using the facial muscles. Your baby is beginning to have some expressions on his face. For example, your baby frowns or puckers his lips. This means that you have entered a process where you can get to know your baby better.

Other details on your baby’s face are also very quickly visible. For example, eyebrows begin to form, eyelids are becoming harder and more opaque. Functional limbs in different parts of the face are becoming more robust.

Your baby becomes sensitive to light during this process. Depending on your environment, you may start to sleep and develop waking habits. The development of the eyelids increased the level of sensitivity to light. Your baby can also hear you more clearly in the sixteenth week of pregnancy than before.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in th e Sixteenth Week of Pregnancy?

The rapid growth of your baby and the active functioning of the internal organs cause a serious weight loss in your body. This weighting may cause stretching of the muscles in the groin area. You are often able to suffer from groin pain. In such cases, consult your doctor. If your doctor recommends a special massage technique, do so.

In the 16th week of pregnancy, the number of negative symptoms of pregnancy is quite low. You don’t experience nausea, your body looks bright and healthy thanks to the excess secreted estrogen and fat in your body, your breasts are quite attractive. You have a good chance of feeling beautiful again. This helps your pregnancy psychology to be good.

16 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect

During the 16. Week of pregnancy, you may experience changes such as nasal congestion or bleeding due to increased blood pressure. Don’t be too panicked when you’re through something like this. Instead, consult your doctor and try to take the necessary precautions.

In the process, it is generally recommended to use salt sprays. Because this kind of pre-nasal congestion helps to reduce. If your financial situation is suitable for this, it is recommended to buy a moisture machine in your bedroom.

Do not forget to value yourself in the 16. Week of pregnancy. Get yourself some little presents, get some pregnancy clothes that will make you feel better. Be sure to pay attention to your psychology in this process. If you want to go on a little vacation before giving birth, the process is very suitable for this. Such a holiday will also strengthen your relationship with your partner.


Written by Lady Byron


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