The Seventeenth (17) Week of Pregnancy

Many processes of pregnancy are processes that require a high level of effort and awareness for the mother. Because it is very difficult for a mother to pay attention to the health of her baby and to pay high attention to her own health. In this period of pregnancy, the support of mothers from their partners and doctors is very important. Thanks to these supports, mothers go through a healthier process both psychologically and physiologically. There is no doctor recommends that mothers go through this process alone. Mothers’ hormonal changes and the physical changes they undergo to feed the baby closely affect the psychology of the mothers. Pregnancy is therefore a very different and unique process for the mother.

Dividing the pregnancy process into sections while observing and examining it increases both the awareness of mothers and makes it easier to detect abnormalities that may occur. Therefore, we are preparing you articles about development stages of pregnancy week by week. Today’s topic will be the 17th week of pregnancy. In this process, we will examine the changes occurring in the mother and the baby and the results of these changes. Let’s start.

What Happens To Your Baby in the Seventeenth Week of Pregnancy?

Your baby changes rapidly in the 17th week of pregnancy. You will feel this change closely in this process of pregnancy. In the previous weeks, the structure surrounding your baby’s internal organs was a cartilage-like structure, so your baby could be affected quickly from any impact. In this process, it is observed that this cartilage-like structure has become a bone. Of course, this situation increases the weight of your baby. In the seventeenth week of pregnancy, your baby’s currently weighs 150 grams. Your baby’s length has reached exactly 13 centimeters. In this process, your baby’s elongation causes more pressure on your uterus. This leads to frequent toilet needs. Of course, it is necessary to say that you have some vaginal discharge in a long period of time.

In this process, your baby’s brain has started to work more actively than before. Your baby’s heart is now taking commands from your brain. Your baby’s brain has more organized lobes than ever before. During the 17th week of pregnancy, an increase in the rate of fat secreted in your baby’s body began. In this way, we see that your baby’s skin is becoming more opaque than before. The translucent skin is becoming more and more like human skin.

Your baby’s mouth muscles are developing. The development of your baby’s oral muscles is a vital development for him. Because after the baby is born, the only food source will be your milk and your baby will need to suck in order to benefit from your milk. Your baby’s mouth muscles need to be developed in order to perform the suction process in a powerful and continuous manner.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 17. Week of Pregnancy?

During this process, the weight of your baby and the placenta that feeds your baby is increasing. This increased weight causes the balance point of your body to change. A changing balance point may cause you to not be able to stand on your feet as much as before. The changes in your gait are quite natural changes when you walk gently. Don’t feel bad or inadequate due to these small changes. If you feel that you are experiencing declines in self-esteem or self-esteem, contact your partner and share your feelings with him.

Baby Is Growing Stronger In Week 17 Pregnancy Healthy Weight Gain Guideline To Follow_!

In the 17th week of pregnancy you will begin to feel your eyes starting to dry. Dry eyes can cause both pain and impaired vision. If you complain about these changes, we recommend using eye drops. Eye drops will make your eyes more wet, will provide a comfortable day.

In this process, the size of the cracks in your body has increased thoroughly. You can use crack remover oils to correct this situation, but you need to pay attention to the contents of the products you use.

In the 17. Week of the pregnancy, you will begin to feel your baby’s movements. This feeling will satisfy you and make you feel happy.


Written by Lady Byron


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