The Ninth (9) Week of Pregnancy

As the pregnancy process progresses, your baby’s development also changes faster, and all parts of your baby reach more advanced levels. Therefore, the development of the pregnancy process means that the mother’s duties increase. As the pregnancy process progresses, it becomes more difficult to provide the baby with the necessary nutrients. We also see an increase in the physical limitations of the mother. Here, the 9th week of pregnancy is the beginning of these progressive processes. The mother, who had left two months behind in the 9th week of the pregnancy, was nearing the end of the third month. In this process, we see the swelling in the mother’s abdomen. In the rest of our article we will examine the changes experienced by both the mother and the baby. Let’s go and review our article now.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 9th Week of Pregnancy?

In the 9th week of pregnancy, new parts are not added to your baby’s body development process. In the ninth week of pregnancy, in general, we can see that the existing organs  begin to develop. For example, the baby’s circulatory system is experiencing an incredibly rapid development. The heart of your baby’s life in this week to reach a total of 4 chambers. In addition, the developing heart muscles are becoming more functional. The development of the baby’s heart makes it possible to use the blood which is dispersed more easily. This, of course, makes the other organs of the body stronger and stronger. Many organs of your baby’s muscles are developing.

With the development of muscles, your baby turns into a living creature which moves. However, these movements are so micro-level that you cannot feel his actions. You need five or six weeks to feel his or her actions.

It is unfortunately still not possible to learn the sex of your baby in this process. Although the sex can be deduced from the genetic characteristics of your baby, it is not possible to try the methods that can learn these features for you. You still need a few months for the gender learning process. Therefore, it is possible to say that your baby’s genitals have not yet entered the process of formation.

In this process, we see that your baby’s eye structure also develops rapidly. Your baby’s eye structure is almost completely formed. Even her eyelids were differentiated and she managed to cover her entire eye. But your baby still does not open his eyes and began to see around. It’s gonna take 28 weeks to do that for his or her.

In the 9th week of pregnancy, your baby’s heart is much stronger than before, so it will be more enjoyable to listen to your baby’s heart sounds. So you can do it often with the doctor.

9 Weeks Pregnant – Fetal Development What To Expect

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 9th Week?

In the 9th week of pregnancy, women begin to feel very pregnant that they are pregnant. A very mild swelling may occur in your abdomen. You may need psychological support in this process. As the pregnancy makes itself intensely felt, it can be difficult for women to adopt this feeling. In addition, women may not feel strong enough to be on their way to becoming parents. In such a case it is possible for mothers to get help from the psychologist, and even such a thing can be very useful for the mother.

During this period, you can feel that both your feet and your body are tired and sluggish. It can be difficult to keep up with changes in your body. Consult your doctor to get the feeling of fatigue and get the support of vitamin pills if necessary.

In the 9th week of pregnancy, your body starts to produce more blood for your baby. The waste that is produced when producing blood causes more liquid to be contained in your body. Having so much fluid in this process causes you to want to go to the toilet often. It may be difficult to get used to this situation.

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