The Fourth (4) Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a fairly long process. Many developments in the first month of this process lead the mother to experience some physiological and psychological differences. During this period, fertilization of eggs and sperm occurs within the first week. The higher the cell, the more unicellular living, the larger the mitotic division, the more your baby grows more and more. A number of cells bring together and form a structure just like a ball which is called blastocytes. After this stage, the differentiation of cells proliferating with mitosis is realized. This differentiation means that different cells make a division of labor to produce different textures. The events that have taken place until this period will lead to the 4th week of pregnancy.

The fourth week of pregnancy is one of the most challenging periods of the mother in terms of hormonal aspects. It is known that especially depression, sudden mood changes and similar situations are experienced in this process. Especially the depressive process, which is called PMS experienced by women before each period, is experienced by many women again in the fourth week of pregnancy.

What Happens in the 4. Week?

In the fourth week of pregnancy, it is known that classical pregnancy symptoms begin to appear intensively. Many women experience reactions such as nausea and vomiting during this period. The main reason for this situation is the rapid changes in hormone balance. It is known that the mother experienced some physiological changes during this period.

A bleeding similar to pink color can be seen during this period. This bleeding, in fact, occurs in the womb due to an event that is called implants. This event occurs as a result of clusters of cells clinging to the uterine wall.

How Is Your Baby in The Fourth Week of Pregnancy?

Your baby has begun to shape his or her body slowly in the fourth week of pregnancy. With the differentiation of cells, the zygote begins to form an embryo. It is known that the embryo begins to take shape by taking the position of the classic mother womb.

The structures that are shaped primarily in the baby are the nervous system. The central nervous system is the first extension of the baby and becomes evident in this period. The baby’s brain, cerebellum and spinal cord differentiate in this period. Then the baby’s circulatory system begins. It is now possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat during this period.

What Does Change in Woman’s Body in the Fourth Week?

What are the physiological changes in the body of the mother? Is it possible for the expectant mother to be aware of her pregnancy at the fourth week?

In this period, because the embryo grows and develops, the uterus begins to develop and expand. This expansion can sometimes cause bleeding. Mothers should not worry in such a situation. It is also possible to experience conditions such as fatigue and nausea due to changes in the hormone balance during this period.

The sensitivity rate of the breasts increases even more during this period. The external structure of the breasts becomes much softer than before. This causes mothers to feel the pain more quickly and deeply.

What To Be Careful During The Fourth Week of Pregnancy?

During the first month of pregnancy we have already mentioned that you should stay away from all teratogens. In particular, smoking, alcohol or other drugs will adversely affect the development of the baby. In this process, you should also take care of yourself in order to maintain your psychological health. Being unhappy will cause further deterioration of your hormanal balance. You need to be happy to make your baby happy.

During the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, women may suspect that they are pregnant, but often they are not quite sure. Many people do a pregnancy test in the first month, but they don’t go to the doctor. However, after 4 weeks of pregnancy, you should go to the doctor without further postponement. Because it is important to recognize in advance the things that may develop abnormally during the pregnancy process.


Written by Lady Byron


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