The Fifth (5) Week of Pregnancy

In the fifth week of pregnancy, the body has now experienced the first month. This causes the body to show many signs of pregnancy more and more clearly. Many people have gone to the doctor in the fifth (5) week of pregnancy and have learned the exact pregnancy. Therefore, it is possible to say that mothers and fathers have more conscious behaviors about pregnancy after this time. In the pregnancy process, the embryo is growing more and more and its body enlargement is gaining momentum with the fifth week of pregnancy. Therefore, the fifth week symbolizes a critical period in pregnancy.

In the first month of pregnancy, we have already mentioned that the zygote becomes embryo. At the end of the first month, the most important vital extensions of the embryo are formed. For example, the respiratory system, which will allow the embryo to breathe, and the circulatory system, which will enable its life to begin, are formed in the fifth week. The nervous system is the first structure of the embryo. Hence, there is a need for more nutrients and oxygen from the fifth week than the old one. As the embryo develops, the energy that the mother needs to provide to the embryo also increases. This causes the mother to be often sluggish. In order to prevent such a situation, it is recommended by experts to give importance to diet and sports routine for mothers.

5 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

How Is Your Baby in the 5. Week of Pregnancy?

In this process, we observe that the embryo grows very rapidly through mitosis divisions. In particular, cells that form the skin layers of the embryo will differentiate into three different categories. These categories are called ectoderm, mesoderm and epidermis. According to these categories, differentiated cells grow by passing through mitotic divisions and they surround the developing embryo.

During this period, your baby has a respiratory system, so the need for oxygen increases. Therefore, the concentration of oxygen in the placenta is expected to increase. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to your diet during this period in order to provide your baby with sufficient oxygen. In this period, it is possible to listen to your baby’s heartbeats via ultrasound system. This can give you a whole new experience.

Special Diets For Fifth Week of Pregnancy

The fifth week of pregnancy is very important for the developmental process of the baby. Particularly, some substances are vital for the nervous system to form advanced structures. Folic acid is at the beginning of these substances. Many mothers take folic acid supplements during this period. After consulting with your doctor, you can start taking folic acid-suppressing drugs. Folic acid is a highly structural component in your baby’s brain formation process. The lack of this component can even lead to mental retardation in the baby.

In addition to the use of folic acid, fish consumption must also increase in this process. The positive effect of fish on memory is known to many people. While the baby’s hippocampus and epicampus regions are formed, itamin and minerals from the fish will be very useful.

In this process, you also need to be freed from all of your harmful habits. Smoking in this process may even cause you to lose your baby. Alcohol consumption in this process may lead to schizophrenia, mental retardation or mood disorders. Therefore, in this process, you should take care not to take any stimulants or sedatives that will affect your hormone release rate.

What To Avoid in the Fifth Week of Pregnancy?

In this process, you need to remove stressful and tense environments from yourself. Many people can be extra emotional because of hormonal changes in the fifth week of pregnancy. But since your mother’s mood will directly affect the baby, you should learn to control your emotions.

We also recommend that you reduce the time spent with pets. Because the germs that can be transmitted from these animals can also be harmful to your baby.

In order for your pregnancy to continue healthy, you need to pay attention to all of the above conditions. In this way, you will have a positive impact on your baby’s psychological development.


Written by Lady Byron


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