The Fifteenth (15) Week Of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is progressing and you are getting more and more excited for your baby. Of course, as this process progresses, you realize that the special bond you have established with your baby deepens and you start to communicate with your baby. This indicates that the first relationship between mother and baby has started. In this process, the father may not feel as deep a commitment to the baby as the mother feels. Because unlike the mother, the father is quite alien to the baby. He cannot feel it in any way and the only way for the father to recognize the baby in this process is to get information from the mother about the baby. So if your partner is not as emotional or as excited as you, don’t worry about it or don’t get angry with your partner. Remember that motherhood and fatherhood are quite different experiences. Now, let’s have a look at developments occur in the 15. Week of pregnancy from a little bit closer.

What Happens To Your Baby in the Fifteenth Week of Pregnancy?

In the 15th week of pregnancy, a serious growth occurs in the size of your baby. Your baby, which was only as big as pea in size just two weeks ago, becomes as big as an apple in the 15th week. This means about 3 or 4 times its old size. Of course, this change means a lot to you. But we will talk about the changes that take place in your body in the next section.

Your baby’s height is also prolonged. The pressure you put on your stomach is increasing. Your baby weighs about 50 grams. During this process your baby often sleeps in your belly. A very high part of your day goes to sleep. In addition, your baby’s facial features are quite clear. The bones, the jaws and the cheekbones that make the eyebrows more evident. In this process, your baby’s ear is experiencing improvements.

Your baby now perceives and hears the outside world. Therefore, especially during this process, you can talk to your baby, tell him stories and tell him about yourself. In addition, playing classical music or singing to your baby will keep your baby away from stress and thus affect his or her development positively.

Your old clothes are getting too tight now. You also need to buy new clothes because all the tight clothes also restrict your movement. Your baby’s development has created extensions all over your body to be ready for birth. During this period, we recommend you to wear comfortable clothes made of cotton and not narrow.

What Happens To Woman’s Body During 15. Week of Pregnancy?

Your body is literally engaged in preparing for the highest points of pregnancy. You are producing more and more sugar. So your body begins to secrete more insulin. During this process, your body’s development is aimed at gaining incessantly. Frequent sleepiness is normal because high levels of insulin secretion cause your sleep to come too often.

By the 15th week of pregnancy, almost everything is ready for milk production. So don’t be surprised if your breasts sweat during the day to produce a few drops of milk and your underwear gets wet. This is exactly the process your body prepares itself for milk production.

During the 15th week of pregnancy, your blood pressure will increase significantly. This is due to the fact that many of your body functions work well for your baby. Of course, all these situations cause your body to get tired very quickly. During this process of pregnancy you will often need sleep. There’s no problem with your frequent sleep. But it’s too early to take a break. You can continue your work for several months.

The 15th week of pregnancy, like the 14th week of pregnancy, is a calm and trouble-free period without negative symptoms. Mothers are comfortable and happy when they live their daily lives. They don’t have stomach problems and eating problems. Only experiences fatigue. Therefore, it is important to enjoy this process of pregnancy.

During this process, do not forget to visit your doctor frequently and follow his recommendations. The healthcare staff will be your closest friends in this process.

15 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect


Written by Lady Byron


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