The Eleventh (11) Week of Pregnancy

Now, you are approximately at the first quarter of pregnancy. The 11th week of pregnancy shows that you are about to enter the 4th month. Your pregnancy experience is more intense than before. Your hormones are secreted quite intensely. Therefore, your sensuality rate may be increasing as well as your feelings and emotions. Any situation may make you more sad than before, or you may sometimes have unstable moods. In such periods, your relationship with your partner becomes more important than before. Therefore, you need to inform your partner that your hormone balance in the pregnancy periods is different. In the process your partner will be your biggest supporter. Share your emotions and moods with him or her.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 11. Week of Pregnancy?

The 11th week of pregnancy is a very critical week in your baby’s development process. Because in this week your baby’s vital organs change and develop rapidly. Your baby’s basic systems must be operational to fully perform vital functions. The most important organs of these basic systems gradually begin to complete. Your baby reaches a height between 3 and 4 centimeters. The weight you gain and the slight bulge of your abdomen will make you feel like your baby is bigger. But the main cause of swelling in your abdomen is the pleural fluid that feeds your baby. This fluid gradually increases in size and density. Because your growing baby needs more food.

In the 11th week of pregnancy, we observe the initial formation processes of your baby’s sex organs. However, it is still very difficult to estimate gender. You’ll have to wait a little longer for an accurate gender prediction. But the first tissues of the genitals begin to form in this period. It is quite important process for human development.

11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

In this period, we see your baby’s facial features begin to form. The bones in his head help create a true human face frame. Your baby’s chin, face outline becomes clear. Your baby’s tongue and palate become more advanced. For the first time in this process, the first cells of the strands are formed. The first cavities in your baby’s head will begin to form. In this way, a new kind of tissue is added to your baby’s physiology.

During the 11. Week of pregnancy, a very large part of your baby’s body is still the head. Your head will always cover a fairly large proportion until your baby is born. After your baby is born, as the development process progresses, other parts of the body become larger.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the 11. Week of Pregnancy?

During this process, both the chemical and physical changes in the physiology of the mother occur. These changes can change both the mother’s psychology and daily routine. Firstly, the first change seen in the mother is the increase in the rate of sweating and the rate of blood. This almost doubles the mother’s daily water needs. The mother may also avoid drinking water because she needs to go to the toilet. It should be remembered that avoiding drinking water is quite wrong and dangerous during pregnancy. You must consume both the necessary nutrients and the necessary water for your baby and yourself.

Earlier in the pregnancy, you had nausea in the morning. From the 11th week of pregnancy, you will wake up in the morning with an intense sense of hunger. Because now your baby consumes much more food than before and does not want to starve for a long time. Therefore, your eating hours may vary from this period.

From the 11th week of pregnancy your weight gain rate will begin to increase. Because as your baby grows, your nutritional intake will increase and you will start eating more. It is possible to gain 450 grams of weight per week. Don’t worry about this.

In this process, cracks and birth scars will gradually begin to show themselves. Do not forget to consult your doctor about the personal care and cosmetic products you use for your baby’s health. You should also consult with a healthcare professional how often you should use products such as creams.


Written by Lady Byron


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