The Eighth (8) Week Of Pregnancy

As the months progress through the pregnancy process, the baby’s size and the level of development continue to increase rapidly. As a result, many mother begin to feel the baby more clearly than ever before. Mothers who feel their baby and want to have more information about them mostly try to get detailed information about the websites from this period. In our present article, we examined the developments in the eighth (8) week of pregnancy for you. Both the changes in the baby’s condition and the changes that the mother feels in her body can be read in detail. Read the rest of the article to have much more information.

What Happens To Your Baby in the Eight Week of Pregnancy?

During this period, your baby’s physiology is undergoing significant changes. It will be a great pleasure to examine all of these changes. You will have the opportunity to examine these changes with ultrasound methods. During this period, your baby’s feet, will begin to resemble a human foot. Your baby’s toes were curtained and not yet separated. Your baby’s toes will be separated from each other during the eighth week of pregnancy. The same situation will also occur on the fingers of the hands.

Another condition your baby is experiencing during this period is the rapid expansion and extension of the trachea. Your baby will be consuming more oxygen with the development of the trachea. In addition, the evolutionary tail will also disappear.

There is also a change experienced by the baby during 8. Week of pregnancy. The baby’s language is constantly developing and growing. This tongue is capable of communicating with the trachea. The process of developing the sense of taste of the baby begins for the first time in the eighth week of pregnancy. This may cause the mother’s pattern to make a  distinguishment between meals.

What Happens To Woman’s Body in the Eighth Week of Pregnancy?

So how are all these changes in the baby making changes in the mother’s body? This is a very important part of the pregnancy, of course. During this period, certain areas of your body will begin to swell and your old clothes will be a little narrower. Therefore, you may feel the need to buy new clothes. This situation continues to increase gradually after the 8th week of pregnancy. During this period, your breasts grow rapidly. Your old bras are too narrow for you.

During this period, you experience nausea intensely. But the time you’ll experience most of these nausea will be morning hours. If you experience vomiting in the morning, don’t worry. This is quite normal.

All these nausea can change your eating habits. You may not want to eat some dishes in particular. In such cases, it may be useful to introduce your eating habits into a system. Determine the hours of eating yourself for example. Try to eat less but often. Thus, you can give your baby the food he or she needs.

Occasional bleeding may continue during the 8th week of pregnancy. These bleedings which are light pink should not scare you. Do not worry. Mild hemorrhages are quite normal as your uterus expands.

If your bleedings are light, there is no health problem. But if the bleedings become dark and begin to solidify, there may be a problem with your baby’s health. In this case, it will be useful for you to consult a doctor.

8 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Avoid Some Movements in the 8. Week of Pregnancy!

Your baby’s size is growing in this period, so your physical movements are affecting its development process faster. Therefore, it may be appropriate to avoid some movements you do in everyday life. For example, do not carry heavy things or drive too long. Do not make a new tattoo or experience dangerous sports. For all this, it may make more sense to expect to have your child.

You may want to apply some prenatal tests during this period. Their names are NIPT and CVS, respectively. Be sure to do both these tests and have detailed information about your child’s health status. Go and visit your doctor frequently. You can control the whole process by doing so.


Written by Lady Byron


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