Recipes & Tips for Increasing Milk Production for Mothers

The majority of mothers who have new born babies have problems in producing milk. There may be many reasons why mothers may have problems during the milk production process. Newborn mothers need support for the rapid development of their milk production process. Milk glands of newly born mothers develop rapidly. In order for milk production to start rapidly during this development period, some foods must be consumed. Newborn babies can continue without breast milk for the first 3 days. However, especially after the first three days, they begin to feel the need for breast milk. Therefore, after giving birth, mothers want to see that they start milk production as soon as possible.

Mothers who continue to breastfeed for a few months may lose their milk after a certain period of time. Mothers with reduced milk rates can use some tachy foods to make milk production more intense. Mothers who need help with these issues usually do research on recipes that contribute to milk production via the Internet. Therefore, we have compiled the best recipes for you that increase milk production. Read the rest of this article to find some delicious and useful recipes for producing milk for yourself.

RECIPE 1: Delicious Ashura

There are some basic nutrients that can help you make milk. If you combine these basic nutrients in a delicious way, you will prepare yourself a pleasant meal. Of course, it is very important that you are free from stress and being happy during your breastfeeding process. But it’s not a bad idea to take some nutritional supplements to support milk production.

In this recipe we used the most delicious and healthy ingredients for you. Before reviewing our recipe in detail, you can take a look at the necessary ingredients:

  1. 1 tablespoon of boiled buckwheat
  2. 1 tablespoon boiled chickpeas
  3. 10 raisins
  4. 1 teaspoon of molasses
  5. 6 uncooked almonds
  6. 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  7. Some cinnamon sticks
Recipes & Tips for Increasing Milk Production for Mothers

After you get all the ingredients above, you can start making the recipe. If you have not found boiled marsh, buy raw wheat. Boil your wheat for a while on the stove. After the wheat is boiled, put it in a separate bowl and let stand. Meanwhile, mix all other ingredients together. You can buy lemon juice ready. But if you have it, we recommend using real lemons.

If you wish, you can add some lemon peel and make the recipe even more delicious and fragrant. After bringing all the ingredients together, mix the wheat. You can decorate the resulting mixture with small fruit grains. Pomegranate seeds, for example, can be an excellent idea to decorate such asurs. That’s it. This dessert can be consumed as a lunch meal.

RECIPE 2: A Recipe With Oat

Oat is a product that is frequently consumed by anyone who wants to have a fit and beautiful body. Because oats provide digestive system to work regularly. In addition, you will feel full thanks to oats. However, the amount of calories in oats is really low. So you’ve seen that breakfast cereals often contain oats. Oats are also very useful for new mothers to produce milk easily. The milk glands of individuals consuming oats produce milk more easily. Therefore, we have prepared a perfect recipe that contains oats.

In order to prepare this recipe right away, you must first obtain all the necessary ingredients. Here is a short list of all the necessary materials:

  1. 5 tablespoons oats
  2. 2 pieces of thin meat tomatoes
  3. 1 pepper
  4. 1/2 lettuce (finely chopped)
  5. 1 parsley
  6. 1 nectarine
  7. 2 fresh onions
  8. Cumin
  9. Chili Peppers
  10. Salt
  11. Lemon
  12. Pomegranate juice

After preparing all of the above ingredients, you first need to soak the oats. The water you use to wet the oats should be at 100 degrees. You need to soak the oats thoroughly with a cup of boiling water. You should keep the oats in this hot water for a while. Then you have to chop lettuce, parsley and onions very thinly. Almost all your materials will be ready after chopping. Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. The softened oats will taste very delicious. This recipe can be preferred for both lunch and dinner. The recipe can be consumed every two days.

Recipes & Tips for Increasing Milk Production for Mothers

RECIPE 3: Soup With Full Of Protein

There are many recipes that mothers can prepare for intensive milk production. Especially if you read this article during the winter months, you will really enjoy the soup recipes. Soups that are both delicious, nutritious and will help you make milk can be really life-saving. Especially after the first six months of your baby, producing milk for your baby becomes more tiring than before. Because your baby starts to consume milk very quickly. In this case, it is natural for you to have difficulty. Thanks to this soup recipe you will start to produce milk quickly. You can prepare and consume this soup every two or three days.

The ingredients you need to prepare the soup are as follows:

  1. 150-200 gr of bony meat
  2. 1 celery
  3. 3 onions
  4. 1 handful of spinach
  5. 1 carrot
  6. 3 tablespoons bulgur
  7. 3 tablespoons olive oil
  8. cumin
  9. dry mint
  10. black pepper
  11. lemon juice
  12. 2 glasses of water

Before you can make this soup, you have to buy meat. The bone of the bony meat will add a distinct flavor to your soup. Moreover, the soup will be a protein store for you because it contains meat. In order to make your soup easier, chop all the ingredients to be chopped quickly and put in a bowl. Then throw the easy-cooking ingredients into the fire. In order to make this soup, you must slowly boil all the ingredients in the same container. The scent and taste of the meat will spread to the soup thanks to the boiling process. So your soup will be delicious.

Recipes & Tips for Increasing Milk Production for Mothers

RECIPE 4: Vegetable Soup For Mothers

If you are having problems making milk during your baby’s development process, you should consume one of the products that support milk making as soon as possible. What about a brand new recipe that will strengthen your immune system in the winter and help you make milk? We prepared this recipe for you. This recipe is also a very useful recipe in terms of nutritional values. Because thanks to this recipe, many vegetables will enter your body in a short time. Vegetables included in this recipe are usually available in winter. We therefore recommend this recipe for people who read this article during the winter months.

In the following, we have listed the ingredients you will need to implement this recipe. You can review.

  1. 250 g spinach
  2. 250 g cabbage
  3. 1-2 leeks
  4. 3 onions
  5. 1 celery and stalk
  6. 1 tablespoon of green lentils
  7. 1 tbsp wheat
  8. 1 tablespoon of shelled rice
  9. garlic
  10. cumin
  11. black pepper

To prepare this recipe, you must first chop the celery. Chopping celery can be a bit of a challenge. So you can get help from the people around you. Then you have to chop the cabbage. You do not need to try to chop the cabbage finely. Because if the cabbage stops in a big way in the soup will be more aesthetic and delicious. Chop all the other vegetables in turn and store them in the same container. Then all you have to do is add green lentils, buckwheat and shelled rice on this mixture. Once you have done this, you will have prepared the mixture completely. There is only one thing you need to do to make this mixture a soup. Add approximately 8 cups of water to this mixture and start cooking your soup. First, let the soup boil. After the soup boil, reduce the heat of the stove a little and continue to cook for a while.

Recipes & Tips for Increasing Milk Production for Mothers

RECIPE 5: Oatmeal Cookies

If you’re looking for foods that can help milk production for mothers, you’ll love this recipe! This recipe is a favorite of mothers who love casual snacks. If you like to eat small snacks with you while drinking tea or coffee, you should definitely try to prepare this recipe. Moreover, this recipe is a very practical recipe. To prepare this recipe you need to have an oven in your home. If you wish, let us list the necessary materials. You need to obtain all of the following materials:

  1. 2 eggs
  2. bowls of oatmeal
  3. Blueberries in 1 bowl
  4. dried apricots
  5. prune mix
  6. 1 packet of vanilla
  7. 1 tea cup light yogurt
  8. 1/2 tea cup with oil
  9. 1/2 package baking powder
  10. 1-2 tea cups of whole wheat flour
  11. Cinnamon

All of the above ingredients are necessary for you to make these cookies. After putting these ingredients together, how should you cook? Let’s give you some information about that. First, oil, flour and yogurt should be mixed thoroughly. When doing this, make sure that the mixture is homogeneous. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to make your cookies baked as you wish.

Then you should add other ingredients to the mixture you prepared. Try to re-homogenize the mixture where all the materials are together. Then cut the resulting mixture into small pieces to obtain small cookies. Put these cookies on the baking sheet. You should prepare the tray at a temperature of 250 degrees. Keep in mind that you need to warm up the oven a little before cooking. The cooking process will take approximately 15 or 20 minutes.

Recipes & Tips for Increasing Milk Production for Mothers

RECIPE 6: Fat Free Apple Cake

We have another excellent recommendation for mothers who have just given birth and need support in milk production. This is a very healthy cake. Newly born mothers cannot lose weight quickly due to breastfeeding. Because any diet of mothers can stop milk production. Therefore, mothers have overweight for a while. However, if you are able to feed with low-fat foods during this process, it will be much easier to lose weight after the breastfeeding process is over. Today we will share with you a very fit cake recipe that contains no fat. Here are the necessary materials:

  1. 1 tea cup of molasses
  2. 1 cup light milk
  3. 3 eggs
  4. 7 whole coarse hammered walnuts
  5. 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  6. 3 apples
  7. one pack of baking powder
  8. Mixture of whole wheat flour and oat flour

After getting all of the above ingredients, you can start making this healthy cake. First you need to perform the whisking process by mixing the sugar and the eggs. You can use a blender for this. Continue processing until this mixture turns completely white. Then add all the remaining ingredients except apples to this mixture. Then you need to chop the apple cube. Add the diced apples to the mixture. Now you need a cake mold. You have to pour this mixture into a greased cake mold. There is a reason that the container is lightly lubricated. If the container is not lubricated, the cake mixture adheres to the container and therefore does not taste very good. Therefore, do not neglect this stage.

Once the cake mold is ready, you have to bake it for 15 minutes in the oven set to about 170 degrees. You must ensure that the oven is well heated before placing the cake cup in the oven.

Recipes & Tips for Increasing Milk Production for Mothers

These are most favorite and most preferred recipes for mothers who want to produce milk. You can try to prepare any of them. You can be sure that all of the recipes are healthy and nutritious. You can read our other articles on our website in order to have detailed information about other aspect of being mother. These are all for now from us about recipes help milk production.


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