Nose bleeding during pregnancy in 6 items

Nose bleeding during pregnancy in 6 items

1. Why are nosebleeds during pregnancy?

Your belly isn’t the only place that swells these days. Because of the high levels of estrogen and progesterone circulating in your body and the increased blood flow caused by them, the mucous tissues in the nose also begin to swell and soften. These tissues also produce more mucous than ever before to keep infections and germs away from the body. This causes nasal congestion and bleeding during pregnancy.

In addition, the excess blood circulating in your body makes the capillaries covering the inside of the nasal cavity more fragile and susceptible to tearing.

Runny nose and headache during pregnancy can sometimes be inseparable. Why It Happens, How Does It Pass: Headache During Pregnancy

2. Unpleasant situations that increase nosebleeds during pregnancy

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Pınar Tokatlıoğlu points out that some conditions cause nasal dryness and therefore bleeding:

Smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy (Smoky Information about Smoking During Pregnancy), Not eating properly (How should you eat during the trimester of pregnancy?), Low immune system, Some medications Side effects, Bleeding coagulation disorders, Hypertension, Sudden rise and fall of blood pressure (Be sure to read pregnancy poisoning or preeclampsia!), Allergic rhinitis, Cold, flu and cough diseases.

3. Does nosebleed during pregnancy harm the baby?

No. No harm for the baby. You can still not prevent bleeding.

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4. What to do with a nosebleed?

Sit up straight and raise your head in the air. Pinch the soft parts of your nose between your thumb and index finger. Press the parts that you pinched between your fingers against your face. Stay like this for 5 minutes. Lean forward and breathe through your mouth to avoid swallowing blood.

5. What can you do to prevent nosebleeds during pregnancy?

Be gentle when blowing. Remember, your veins are sensitive and bleeding, we explained why above. Vitamin C foods strengthen capillaries, keep in mind. If you are bleeding heavily and your doctor approves, you can take an extra 250 mg of vitamin C. What Vitamins and Minerals Should Be Taken During Pregnancy? You can wash the inside of your nose with salt water. Do not use any sprays or chemical solutions. Make sure that the air of the room you sleep in is not dry, especially at night. The water you put in a large bowl on a cold steamer or heater will do the trick.

You will also need it in the future: 10 Most Preferred Cold Steamers and Air Humidifiers of Mothers

6. When should you go to the doctor?

If you cannot control the bleeding even though you have tried the method described above three times, If you have high blood pressure, If the bleeding started after a stroke, you should definitely go to the doctor.


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