Most Preferred Stem Cell Centers

Most Preferred Stem Cell Centers

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1. Live Hospital Stem Cell Center

Live Hospital Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell The Production Center provides service with its specialist physicians and well-equipped laboratory staff in the Ulus district of Istanbul. in a fully equipped hospital in Turkey, serving the best production conditions and in the foreground with the distinction of being the first single production centers. To go to the hospital, you can take advantage of the shuttle service departing from Mecidiyeköy square every hour between 09:00 and 16:00 on weekdays. You can fill out the form on the website or get detailed information and appointment from the phone number to communicate.

2. Istanbul Stem Cell Information Center

Providing service in Bakırköy district The working procedure of Istanbul Stem Cell Counseling Center in stem cell therapy is as follows:

When you apply to the hospital, first of all, a detailed medical history, laboratory tests and reports indicating the latest clinical status are prepared.As a result of the evaluation, if it is concluded that you can benefit from stem cell therapy, all kinds of procedures including visa, appointment in the country you are going to, accommodation, round trip flight are carried out by the organization. A doctor will accompany you from the treatment process to your return. To communicate, you can fill out the contact form on the site, send an e-mail or get detailed information by phone.

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3. Genome and Stem Cell Center

Genome and Stem Cell Center, Kayseri It serves at Erciyes University Central Campus. Operating mainly in the field of genetics and stem cells, GENKÖK hosts 14 different departments in the field of life sciences under the same roof. In the foreground is Turkey’s largest research center. Within the center, there are stem cells under cGMP conditions, gene therapy under cGMP conditions, stem cell R&D laboratories, Genome research and application center.

4. Beike Stem Cell Center

Beike Biotechnology’s head office is in China It is located in High Tech Park. Beike Biotechnology is a center that aims to provide the most comprehensive treatment available in the world for its patients in partnership with the Better Being Hospital (BBH) in Bangkok, Thailand. This partnership has brought stem cell therapy to the next level, making it the first officially recognized center of functional medicine in Asia. The center applies personalized supportive treatments according to the specific condition of the patients. If you would like to learn more about stem cell therapy, you can contact them by filling out the form on their website. The staff team returns within 48 hours to provide extensive information.

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5. Hacettepe Stem Cell Center

Hacettepe University Stem Cell Research and Application Center Is located in Hacettepe University Sıhhiye campus.Study topics; It mainly covers areas such as hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells, stem cell niches, bone marrow, stem cell trafficking, gene-cellular therapy, inducible pluripotent stem cell (IPS) banking, microenvironment / niche modeling in hereditary / rare diseases. One of the other important areas of interest of the center in the stem cell field is the establishment of a pluripotent stem cell bank, especially rare / hereditary childhood diseases. Ethical regulations regarding stem cell banking have been made in the center and a system is being tried to be established. Hacettepe Stem Cell Center is 10-15 minutes walking distance from Sıhhiye Station on the metro line and from Kurtuluş Station on the Ankaray line. There is the bus number 230 “Hacettepe-Beytepe Campus” that goes to the campus, you can also take advantage of the paid parking service by going with your private vehicle. You can send an e-mail or get detailed information by phone to communicate.

6. Trabzon Stem Cell Center

Laboratory in Trabzon, headquartered in Ankara Atigen-Cell Cell and Tissue Center, which is located in Istanbul and has a branch in Istanbul-Ataşehir, started its activities in 2006.Atigen-Cell is among the few facilities in Europe in terms of production capacity and technology, as it is the first in our country in its field. The center that aims to provide products and services at international standards in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy, which is developing rapidly in the world; It is a pioneering organization serving in the fields of mesenchymal stem cell, fibroblast, chondrocyte, cancer vaccine production, corneal transplants, bone cube and bone chip production and cord blood banking. To communicate, you can fill out the contact form on the site, send an e-mail or get detailed information by phone.

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7. Kocaeli Stem Cell Center

Kögem Stem Cell at Kocaeli University campus and Gene Therapies Research and Application Center, Turkey’s first stem cell center became operational in November 2007. It is among Kögem’s missions to conduct researches in the fields of stem cell and cellular therapies, gene therapies, regenerative and reparative medicine within the framework of universal ethical rules and to create treatment protocols.

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