Let’s Go to Bed: Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Let's Go to Bed: Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

First thing: Find the right lying position during pregnancy!

As your baby grows, you may have to say goodbye to comfortable sleep. Therefore, finding the lying position during pregnancy is important for you to continue to sleep comfortably even if your baby grows up. Heartburn and back pain that affect sleep can make it more difficult to find a sleeping position during pregnancy. Because of the size of your belly, lying face down during pregnancy may now be a dream for you.

Lying on your back during pregnancy is also not comfortable for you. Because the uterus puts all its weight on the backbone and back muscles. We do not recommend it towards the end of pregnancy as it causes compression of the main blood vessels.

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How should the sleeping position be during pregnancy?

Bend to your left side, put a pillow between your bent knees. The way you bend your knees is important for your and your baby’s comfort here. Maternity pillow helps you a lot for a more comfortable sleep. Some women prefer to put a pillow under their belly. You can also try sleeping on a cushion. We have left an example below to see how you want to see the lying position in pregnancy.

Lying on the left side during pregnancy also reduces edema in your body, as it will deliver more blood to your baby. You will find that you are more comfortable when you lie on your left side and pull your feet in slightly. When you think about how to sleep pregnant, you now know what the ideal position is.

Very few people can stay in the same sleeping position all night long. So if you find yourself lying on your back when you get up, don’t panic. You did nothing to hurt your baby. At such times, try to curl up next to you and sleep again.

Does lying position affect the baby during pregnancy?

It is necessary to be careful about sleeping positions during pregnancy because it puts pressure on the uterus and baby. Which of the lying positions during pregnancy are inconvenient for the baby, let’s eliminate the question marks in your mind.

Is the baby crushed when lying on its side during pregnancy?

As we mentioned above, the best lying position during pregnancy is lying on its side. It is better to lie on your left side to keep the blood flowing more comfortably, but that does not mean that lying on the right side during pregnancy will harm the baby. It’s okay for you to sleep on both sides. So, lying on your side while pregnant will not do any harm to your baby.

Does lying face down during pregnancy harm the baby?

Lying face down during pregnancy can make mothers anxious from time to time. Lying face down does not hurt your baby, thanks to the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby, do not be afraid. However, after the 6th week of pregnancy, the situation changes due to the growing abdomen and you cannot be comfortable in the prone position.

Does lying on the back while pregnant harm the baby?

Lying on the back during pregnancy is unfavorable for the baby. The pressure and weight of the uterus on the back can cause pain. Pressure applied to your veins can cause problems with blood flow. For this reason, you should avoid sleeping on your back during pregnancy for the health of your baby.

You don’t have to lie on your right or left side; It is enough to lie down by turning your belly slightly sideways as it will reduce this pressure.

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