How To Improve Sperm Quality?

How To Improve Sperm Quality?

Go to the doctor for your sperm health

First go to a urologist. Have the necessary checks done and see if your health is favorable for you to have a baby? Your doctor will probably check your blood count, vitamin and mineral deficiency, whether you have sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis in the first place.

If you have been struggling for more than 1 year, or you have no children or However, if your doctor deems necessary, he may also ask you for a spermiogram test. For this, you are asked to empty the semen, or sperm sample, into a sterile container using masturbation in a hospital environment. The test examines the pH value, color, presence of leukocytes and the amount of fructose of the sperm. This test is usually repeated twice a month to give clear results. Note, you should abstinence for 3-4 days before going to the test, and never ejaculate, including masturbation.

Be sure to tell your doctor if you have any medication. Find out if there are any side effects for sperm quality or baby.

Find out the body mass index.

If you are worth more than that, you should be treated. Because excess weight increases the possibility of infertility in men.

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Consume foods that increase sperm quality!

Banana regulates sex hormones and increases sperm levels. Avocados are a good source of energy. It makes it easier for their sperm to meet the egg. Carob is an important nutrient for solving male infertility and improving sperm quality. It is also beneficial for the enzymes that enable the interaction of sperm and egg. It provides them with vitamins and zinc. Ginger is essential for sperm count and sperm rate, so be sure to consume it. Red meat improves the quality of sperm as it contains plenty of zinc. Not without consuming walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts! The arginine substance in walnuts is important for the male reproductive system and sperm production. In addition, walnuts are omega-3 stores. In other words, it accelerates the blood flow to the penis. Hazelnut peanuts also mature the genetic material of their sperm. Citrus fruits are also effective on the genetics of your sperm and provide you with numerous vitamins for your body.

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Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op.Dr. Altug Semiz explains:

Change your lifestyle to increase your sperm quality!

How about reviewing your lifestyle? If you have, stop using drugs and alcohol consumption. These reduce sperm quality.

Immediately throw away the cigarette in your hand, the package in your pocket. They are the enemy of your sperm. When you become a father, you will have to quit. We think you don’t want your baby to be a passive drinker.

Testicles don’t like hot! You have to keep them cool.

Do not put your laptop on your knees while using it; because the heat it emits damages the sperm.

Stay away from chemicals such as pesticides, glue, paint. These reduce fertility in men.

“Boxer type underwear increases sperm count.” If you heard something like, forget it. Underwear has no effect on giving birth or on fertility. It is enough that the underwear is comfortable and clean.

Protect yourself! Use protective gear for your genital area if you are involved in vigorous sports.

You may love cycling. But constant cycling increases pressure on the genital area and can reduce fertility, according to experts.

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Improve sperm performance!

” How to remove dryness during intercourse? ” If we ask, you will immediately say lubricant. But it is not appropriate to use lubricating gel in baby making studies. Because it changes the pH value of the vagina. This is also a negative situation for your sperm.

But there is no research that proves the effect of sex hours on fertility.

Your relationship time is also important for having a baby. By calculating your partner’s ovulation period, it increases your chances of having intercourse on the day of highest fertility. In order to calculate the ovulation period easily, you can share with your partner our article on 5 Mobile Menstrual Calendar Applications that will make it easier for you to track your period.

You can think about whether pregnancy positions affect sperm. Relationship positions don’t have much of an impact on sperm quality or conception. The important thing is that their sperm reach the partner’s uterus. For this, missionary position is generally recommended. However, let’s also say that there is no clear scientific evidence on the subject.

Most importantly, relax! Because stress is at the top of many problems. Don’t worry about making a baby. If you are stressed, your sperm will also be affected. Your libido and performance drop. So relax, enjoy the moment! Everything will be beautiful.

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