How is an abortion done? What to Do After Abortion? Is Abortion Legal?

How is an abortion done? What to Do After Abortion? Is Abortion Legal?

What is abortion?

Abortion simply means premature termination of pregnancy in the uterus based on medical methods. It is more frequently applied for unwanted pregnancies, but abortion is performed for reasons such as a health problem in the baby or mother, or miscarriage.

When you think of abortion, the first thing that comes to mind is the termination of pregnancies as a result of extramarital affairs. However, abortion can be preferred by women who are already mothers from time to time. Especially;

Mothers who have no situation to take care of more children, who are not ready to raise a new child, who have a career plan, who have problems in their marriage, who do not feel ready psychologically or physically, may consider terminating their new pregnancy with abortion.

Of course, this decision can be implemented under certain conditions. At this stage, mothers can feel guilty psychologically. In case of a deadlock, getting psychological support can be beneficial.

Before we get into the details, let’s say this.

However, in order to manage this process well and to be least affected both psychologically and physically, you need clear information. Especially when desperate, women encounter pregnancy termination methods that have no scientific basis for information spread by word of mouth or on the internet.

In this process, you will definitely encounter information titled “drugs terminating pregnancy”, “herbal solution in unwanted pregnancy”. However, using them will do more harm than good. We emphasize that in order to make the right decision about unwanted pregnancy, you need to make a decision with consulting experts and a calm mind.

Is abortion legal?

The issue of abortion caused serious debates in our country for a while. For this reason, voluntary pregnancy termination has been regulated by the articles in the Turkish Civil Code, and abortion was allowed under certain conditions within certain periods of pregnancy. So abortion legal period is a situation determined by law.

In order to understand the reason why abortion issue is so controversial in our country, the article 28 of the Turkish Civil Code.

This article;

“Personality begins when the child is fully born alive and ends with death. He obtains the child’s license from the moment of conception, on the condition of being born alive. ”. According to this, the termination of the life of the baby in the mother’s womb is called “murder” by some circles.

Apart from this, there are also articles in the Turkish Criminal Law Law on the issues of “abduction” and “abortion”. According to these articles, imprisonment and fines can be imposed on those who have a child, even if it is based on consent before the specified time. In the meantime, the abortion procedure to be performed before the specified time must be done by qualified and expert people.

When is abortion done?

Until what week is abortion done? “Let’s clarify. The legal time limit for the optional baby abortion is 10 weeks. If there is no health problem, the 10.

Let us explain this situation, also known as the abortion law, with Article 100 of the Turkish Penal Code:

“If a woman with a pregnancy period of more than ten weeks willingly abort her child, a prison sentence of up to one year or a judicial fine will be imposed. . ”

However, if there is a health problem affecting the mother and the baby, or if there is a death in the womb, abortion can be performed regardless of the week.

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Is an abortion done in a state hospital?

Yes, abortion can be done in state hospitals. However, this is not a routine practice in public hospitals. Therefore, abortion procedures can be interrupted due to the workload in public hospitals and the date of the procedure being given to future dates.

It is also among the news that the doctors in some state hospitals do not want to perform the optional abortion procedure unless there is a health problem.

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Which hospitals do abortions?

There are no restrictions on this issue.

However, as we mentioned above, some problems may occur in public hospitals. In addition, there are cases where some experts refuse this procedure when it is not due to health problems.

It is useful to make a warning about this subject. Especially in the internet environment, there are centers that perform abortions in very poor quality and dirty environments, which are called “under the stairs”. You should definitely stay away from these. It is very important to choose well-known, well-reviewed, quality centers for the abortion procedure. These centers, unfortunately, under the name of “hidden abortion”, take advantage of the obligations of people and carry out illegal procedures that do not comply with medical ethics.

How much are abortion prices?

Abortion fees depend on the quality of the hospital where the procedure will take place. varies according to the physician’s qualification and the adequacy of the materials used.

How is an abortion done?

First of all, the doctor who will perform the procedure will examine you both physically and psychologically. In order to avoid any mishaps regardless of the situation;

Blood count, Blood group diagnosis, Blood coagulation tests are requested.

It is also checked whether there is a genital infection. If there is, antibiotic treatment is started and after the infection is eliminated, abortion is performed.

Both general and local anesthesia options are available for curettage, but general anesthesia is more preferred. After anesthesia, a small gynecological examination is performed and the cervix is ​​washed with antiseptic solutions to prevent infection. Then, opening the cervix, called dilation, can be applied if necessary.

The most preferred method is vacuum curettage. It is made by scraping the inside of the uterus with the help of plastic cannulas. These cannulas are similar to pipettes, with a syringe-like instrument at the tip. The cannulas are connected to a vacuum device from the outside and the parts are removed by inserting them into the uterus. The type of vacuum varies according to the gestational week. The syringe size is adequate for babies younger than 10 weeks, while an electric vacuum may be required for older babies.

The cleaning process is done until it is sure that there are no parts left in the uterus. The cannulae are then removed from the uterus and washed again with an antiseptic solution.

How long does the abortion take?

The duration of the abortion is approximately 10-30 minutes.

Wondering after abortion

What will happen after the abortion procedure? Is it necessary to stay in the hospital?

The patient is discharged after resting for a maximum of 2 hours after the effect of general anesthesia wears off. There is no need to lie down or watch. Depending on the situation, drugs such as painkillers, antibiotics or bleeding inhibitors can be given.

Usually, there is no serious pain and no restrictions to prevent life after going home. After this stage, the psychological dimension and treatment of the work may be more important.

Will there be bleeding after abortion? How long does the bleeding last?

Yes, there may be bleeding that usually lasts up to 5 days after abortion. Bleeding after an abortion is expected and does not indicate a serious problem. However, if the bleeding rate is high and its duration is more than 1 week, the situation should definitely be examined.

It is also normal to have no bleeding after an abortion. However, if there is severe pain, a doctor should be consulted.

Menstruation is usually expected to occur within 45 days after the abortion procedure. However, this process may take a little longer due to stress and tension.

When the first menstrual period is delayed after an abortion, the first thing that comes to the mind of women is that they are disorganized. However, since abortion is not a process that affects hormones, it has no effect on menstrual cycles. In other words, abortion does not disturb the menstrual cycle.

How is pregnancy after abortion?

After the first menstruation after abortion, you can get pregnant again, there is no harm in that. However, since having an abortion is a traumatic situation for some women, it creates psychological problems and if this situation cannot be overcome, it may be necessary to seek expert help first. It is best to get the necessary psychological support after the abortion and to get pregnant again after being completely ready.

How many days after the abortion is intercourse started?

After the abortion, the bleeding should be completely eliminated for the intercourse. After the bleeding is over, if the woman feels ready, she can have intercourse again.


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