Formula Recipes For Babies After 6 Months: Recipes For Weight Gaining

Infant development is a very sensitive process. It is important that babies are closely observed during the development process. Weight, height and other characteristics of infants should be measured continuously and the results of these measurements should be compared with the norms. The most important period in the infant development process begins after six months. Especially after the first six months, the process of supplementary food for babies begins. In this supplementary feeding process, many mothers are conducting various research into what kind of food should be prepared. Finding healthy recipes that will contribute to the baby’s development process is not easy. You can review our articles on our website to find the easiest and practical recipes for baby formula.

Formula Recipes For Babies After 6 Months: Recipes For Weight Gaining

In today’s article we will present a detailed food guide for you. In particular, infants who lose weight due to various infections, with recipes we prepared for you can easily gain weight again. In this article we will share with you the supplementary baby food recipes. Our article will be useful for anyone trying to find the answer to the question of how my baby gains weight.

Read the rest of our article to review the supplementary food guide after six months.

RECIPE 1: Banana Molasses Recipe

When preparing foods that make the babies to gain weight, it is necessary to take care that these foods are nutritious. Otherwise it becomes more difficult to manage a healthy weight gain process. The baby needs nutritious foods in order to gain weight in the easiest way and strengthen the immune system. Bananas and molasses in this recipe are substances that will strengthen the baby’s immune system and optimize the baby’s blood values. Now let’s go to the details of the recipe.

Formula Recipes For Babies After 6 Months: Recipes For Weight Gaining

The neccessary ingredients:

  1. 1 tablespoon of semolina
  2. 1 banana
  3. 2 tablespoons home yogurt
  4. 1 tablespoon of molasses
  5. 1 tablespoon walnut butter

If you prepare this formula regularly and feed it to your baby, you will soon feel that your baby has started to gain weight. While your baby is gaining weight at the same time consuming healthy things will make you very happy. If you want to apply this recipe, you can cook it as described below:

First boil the amount of semolina we have mentioned above. You can use a coffee pot to boil. Continue to boil the semolina for about five minutes. After five minutes, turn the burner off. Grate the banana. Mix yogurt and syrup. Then put all the ingredients together and mix them thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture is formed. When the whole process is over, you can feed the product to your baby. If you wish, you can store the food in the fridge by pouring this food into a glass jar. This food will be even more delicious when it cools down.

RECIPE 2: Molasses, Flour and Olive Oil

The second recipe that we have prepared for you is especially suitable for babies who have completed their seventh month. You can present this recipe to your baby every other day. If you feel well, we recommend that you breastfeed your baby periodically. Because some experts argue that babies should be breastfed for up to about 12 months. If you want to prepare a high-nutrient formula for your baby, you can try this recipe. Below we have compiled the ingredients for you to purchase if you want to make this recipe. You can review.

Formula Recipes For Babies After 6 Months
  1. 1 teaspoon of molasses
  2. 4 teaspoons of flour
  3. 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  4. 1 cup water

All of the items listed above for you are substances that will positively affect your baby’s health. You can add these ingredients to food with peace of mind. When using the products you need to be very careful that they are all fresh. Because food poisoning is caused by foods that are not particularly fresh. You should also remember that your baby’s digestive system is not very advanced. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to prefer such fluid foods instead of foods that would be very tiring for the stomach. So, how to prepare such a formula? Below we have briefly explained for you.

First you need to roast the flour. Use teflon pan for flour drying process. Add molasses into the roasted flour. After adding the water to the tariff, mix the food thoroughly. Wait for the mixture to cool thoroughly. After it has cooled down enough, you can feed the food to your baby.

RECIPE 3: Formula Recipe with Biscuit

The third formula for you is suitable for all babies starting from the sixth month. If you want your baby to gain weight quickly after six months, this recipe is really good for you. This recipe contains a different ingredient than the others: baby biscuits. The baby biscuit, which is loved by both adults and babies, will add a very nice taste to your recipe. When preparing this recipe, you need to make sure that the baby biscuit is fresh. We have provided a short list of the ingredients you need to prepare the recipe. You can review.

Formula Recipes For Babies After 6 Months
  1. 5 baby biscuits
  2. 2 tablespoons of milk
  3. Half of tea cup with water
  4. 1 scale food
  5. Quarter banana

Once you have obtained all the ingredients above, you can begin the process of preparing the food. Remember that you need to use a blender to prepare the food. So, you must have a blender. Getting a simple blender is always useful. Because the majority of baby food is prepared with the help of blenders.

Thoroughly grind the baby biscuits, food and bananas using the blender. Then place them in a separate container. Then all you have to do is mix water and milk. Mix the certain amount of water and milk as indicated above until they are homogeneous. Then the milk and water need to warm up. Heat this mixture a little on the stove. Combine all these ingredients and use the blender again for the new mixture formed. Warm food can be fed to your baby at any time.

RECIPE 4: Nutritious Soup That Help Your Baby To Gain Weight

How about a delicious and nutritious soup recipe that your baby can easily digest? Soup recipes are often preferred by parents, especially after the first six months. The reason why soup recipes are so nutritious is that after a small grinding process, many products can be easily added to the soup. Soups are also liked to be consumed by babies.

Formula Recipes For Babies After 6 Months

There are many nutritious ingredients in the soup recipe we have prepared for you. This soup also helps babies gain weight. Therefore, mothers who want their baby to gain weight often prepare such soups. If you want to make this soup, you must first obtain all the products listed below.

  1. 1 spoon of butter
  2. 1 spoon of flour
  3. 2 spoons of semolina
  4. 1 teaspoon tomato paste
  5. 1 teaspoon of mint
  6. 2 glasses of boiled water

First you have to melt the butter. You can also use heat to perform this melting process. After melting the butter, you need to roast the flour. Roast the flour in a pan for a minute or two. Then add water to this mixture. Mix well after adding water.

You need a homogeneous mixture. Then you have to add the semolina, paste and mint in small pieces. After all these additions, perform a stirring again. We recommend using a mixer for mixing. In this way, you can mix the soup completely smoothly. Cook this mixture on low heat for about 5 minutes. Then the soup will be ready.

Make sure the soup has cooled down slightly before you drink it to your baby. Otherwise, your baby’s mouth may be in pain. If this happens, we advise you to go to the hospital immediately. The soup we have described for you above can be consumed every other day.

RECIPE 5: Formula Recipe With Patatoes

This food is very easy to make. Moreover, since the potato contains a high percentage of carbohydrates, this formula will help your baby gain weight quite easily. Therefore, many mothers who want their baby to gain weight prefer to use this recipe. Below, we have outlined the basic ingredients you need to prepare this recipe. First, get all of these ingredients and then start making the food.

  • 1 medium potato
  • 1 tablespoon of tahini

Only the above ingredients will be enough for you to prepare this food. First you need to boil the medium-sized potato in a pot. It is really important that the potatoes are fully boiled. Because it’s really hard for your baby to eat and digest a hard potato. For your baby to digest easily, potatoes need to soften thoroughly. Potatoes contain plenty of carbohydrates. This makes the nutritional value of potatoes high. Carbohydrate make your baby to gain weight while at the same time is a substance that will strengthen your baby’s immune system. Therefore, this formula is often preferred by many parents.

Formula Recipes For Babies After 6 Months

After making sure that the potatoes are well boiled, peel the potatoes. Crush the potatoes thoroughly with a fork. Then, crushed potatoes with the help of a blender to grind thoroughly. Add tahini to this mixture. Mix the mixture thoroughly until it become homogeneous. After the mixing process will be ready for food. This food is a food that quickly gains weight due to the nutritional values ​​of tahini and potato.

RECIPE 6: Formula With Plenty of Fruits

We have prepared another interesting recipe for you. Thanks to this formula you will ensure that your baby consumes high amounts of fruit. Our recipe includes dried fruit and fresh fruit. This recipe is also a very popular recipe that will help your baby gain weight quickly. This recipe is recommended for infants approximately after the new month. However, do not forget to consult your doctor before offering this food to your baby.

Formula Recipes For Babies After 6 Months

Below we have prepared a small list of the necessary materials for you. You can review.

  1. 1 banana
  2. 1 dried apricot
  3. 1 dry palm
  4. It could be any fruit the baby loves.
  5. 2-3 nuts
  6. Half a teaspoon of molasses
  7. Half a cup of tea with breast milk
  8. Homemade yogurt in half tea cup

Once you have obtained all of the above ingredients, you can proceed to the food preparation stage. Preparing the food can be a bit tiring this time. First you should use the blender for fruit, dried apricots, bananas, dates and nuts. It is very important that you put all these ingredients into the same container and grind them thoroughly.

After performing this operation, you can use breast milk and yogurt. You can add breast milk and yoghurt to this mixture at the same time. Then try to mix the whole mixture again with the help of a blender or mixer. Note that this mixing is very important. Your baby does not yet have teeth at this age. Therefore, any hard substance will damage your baby’s gums. It can also be very difficult for your baby to swallow and digest the big and hard material. That is all!

You Can Also Buy Formulas From Market For Your Baby to Gain Weight!

Mothers who want my baby to gain weight, often looking for some food recipes to make at home. Of course, you can use all of the recipes listed above for your baby. But you can also buy formulas from the market for your baby. You don’t need to prejudge these formulas. Formulas that can be bought from supermarkets are also recommended by doctors as long as their contents are of high quality.

Ready-made baby food, especially apples, cereals, honey and semolina, can help your baby gain weight. We’ve given you a lot of information for your research on foods that put weight on babies. You can help your baby gain weight in a short time by using the information in this article. That’s all for now. Don’t forget to visit our website for other articles.


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