Everything You Need in the Baby Room!

Baby Room Decoration

When you give birth to your baby after a long and difficult period of pregnancy, you will notice that the baby’s needs are increasing each day passed. Ensuring the happiness and safety of your growing baby can be more difficult than you think. Exactly at this time point, you’ll have to decorate the baby room.

Baby Room Decoration
Baby Room Decoration

The baby’s room is the area where your baby will spend most of his or her time. Therefore, it is important to design the baby room as ergonomic, comfortable and safe. In addition, items that will be selected in accordance with your baby’s development process will make your baby’s life easier. So many people need advice for a good baby room decoration. In this article we have prepared a detailed baby room decoration guide for you. When you examine the rest of our article, you will be much more knowledgeable about baby room decoration than before!

9 Vital Things For Your Baby’s Room!

Of course, when you’re arranging your baby’s room, you’ll see a lot of cute things and you’ll want to buy all of them. But remember: it’s not a positive thing if your baby has too much stuff in his or her room. We will give you important warnings at the end of our article about the baby room decoration. First let’s start our list of 9 important objects must be included in baby room decoration.

ITEM 1: A Crib for Newborn Baby

Newborn babies spend about 18 hours a day with sleep. That’s why it’s really important that your baby sleeps comfortably! In addition to comfort, healthy and safe sleep is also important! Therefore, every newborn baby must have a cradle! So, how should we choose the cradle?

  1. The crib or cradle you choose should not be much larger than the size of your baby. Otherwise, although your baby does not fall from the crib, he may faces different dangerous situations. For example, he (or she) may roll in the cradle or be unconsciously trapped in a position where he cannot breathe. If the crib is small, your baby’s sleeping position will remain more stable, as the area will be narrower.
  2. The edges of the cradle you select must be soft-coated. Even if the cradle has an iron or wooden skeleton, it has to be covered with a soft cloth. Otherwise, your baby may hit the head in the crib. In such a case, your baby may suffer.
  3. Your baby’s bed should not be too hard or too soft! If the bed is too hard, your baby cannot sleep comfortably. A very soft mattress is not suitable for a fixed position. Therefore, you should obtain a medium hard bearing.
  4. Your baby’s crib fabric should be made of 100% cotton! Other fabrics may cause short-term or long-term harm to your baby due to the chemicals they contain!

ITEM 2: A Wardrobe or a Chest

When you have a small baby, you might think that his or her personal stuffs will also be small and will not take up space. However, when we look at the truth, the situation is quite different. Your baby will constantly contaminate the clothes. Therefore, he should have a large number of clothes. Of course it is important to keep these clothes clean at all times. You can buy a wardrobe or a crate for that. It is important to have several seperators inside this material you will purchase. This way you can easily categorize your baby’s clothes. Thus, you can easily find something when you are looking for.

ITEMS 3: Baby Diepar Changing Table

After your baby is born, it may take some time to become aware of his or her needs. It is also natural that you need a detailed advice guide, especially if you are becoming a mother for the first time. It is not an easy task to ensure that the baby room decoration is both aesthetic and functional at the same time. Therefore, it may be a good idea to get help from a few people when decorating the baby room. Now we’ll give you some important advice that can improve your baby’s and your comfort very easily: Baby Diaper Changing Table.

The Baby Diaper Changing Table, which must be present in every baby room, ensures that your baby is in a safe position when you are changing his or her diapers. What’s more, these tables are easy to use and ergonomic for you.

ITEM 4: A Moving Toy for Your Baby’s CradleA Moving Toy for Your Baby’s Cradle

Your baby may enter into crying crises periodically, especially during the first months of life. To calm your baby during such crying crises, you need to distract him. One of the places your baby will spend most time in his life is the crib. So it’s not bad to have a toy in your baby’s crib that he likes and entertains.

However, many toys can be dangerous to newborn babies or full of bacteria. Therefore, the crib toys, which are mounted in the crib of your baby but at a distance from your baby’s reach, are truly excellent alternatives. Make sure that the toys you attach to the top of the baby cradle are bright and colorful. In this way, they will attract your baby’s attention. Your baby may fall asleep while watching these toys turn and change color.

ITEM 5: A Comfortable Chair or Rocking Sofa

To make your baby sleep when your baby is newborn will be one of your most exhausting tasks. Because babies are not very capable of sleeping alone, even when they are sleepy. Babies should therefore be prepared to sleep in such a way that they feel comfortable and safe. Mothers often hold their babies in their arms to ensure they feel safe. Shaking your baby gently with rhythmic movements or slowly moving your baby around the house can help your baby sleep. But mothers who are constantly tired of breastfeeding during the postpartum period may not always have such energy. And to be truth, it is their right to be exhausted. At such times, a rocking chair will really work.

A mother can sit in this armchair holding her baby in her arms. Here, the baby’s sleep can be achieved by shaking. This will also allow the mother to rest.

If you do not prefer to buy a rocking chair, you can also buy a very comfortable seat or chair. The seats are made of cotton fabric and offer a comfortable relaxation area for the mothers. Mothers can rest on these seats after sleeping their babies. In this way, they will be sitting in the baby room and also have some time for themselves.

ITEM 6: Night Lamb

The most important thing in baby room decoration is the complete purchase of what you really NEED, instead of what you realy WANT. If things that are bought just because they are liked, rather than what is needed, fill a room, the room will become uncomfortable both for you and your baby. Therefore, be sure to complete the list of primary needs first.

The night light is one of the must-have things in a baby’s room. Night light is a lighting product that you can use when your baby is sleepy. Your baby’s eyes do not like too bright light, and a very bright environment will miss your baby’s sleep. What’s more, a dim environment is always beneficial for your baby with gas problems. The night light gives you the chance to provide such an environment.

After you start using the night light, there are some things you need to pay attention to. If the night light is plugged in, be sure to unplug it before leaving the room. This will prevent any accidents. Also, do not accustom your baby to sleep in a light environment. Otherwise your baby may have dark fear in the future. It is better to choose a completely dark environment after your baby is asleep.

ITEM 7: A Sterilizer

Your baby uses many products that will be in close contact from day one. Pacifiers and feeding bottles are just some of them. It’s really hard to make sure that all these substances are not a danger to your baby’s health. Because the bacteria are almost everywhere during the day. To protect your baby’s health, it is really important to periodically sterilize the products it uses. This sterilization process is not something you can do with standard cleaning materials. This requires a special device. The sterilization device is one of the products that must be included in a baby room decoration article.

ITEM 8: Thermometer and A Health Set

It is important to keep the health status of your newborn under control. Body temperature is a very determinant parameter related to general health status. Therefore, you should measure your baby’s body temperature periodically. The thermometer is quite suitable for this. Keep in mind that your baby’s room must have a thermometer. In addition, a health kit is one of the things that your baby should have in his room.

Especially after the first few days after your baby is born, you will need to do some procedures for your baby’s umbilical cord care. The health kit will help you especially nowadays.

ITEM 9 : Clothes Tree

When decorating the baby room, there is a small detail to remember: the clothes tree! When changing your baby’s diaper or cleaning a spot in the room for your baby, you’ll have to arrange some things that are constant and eliminate clutter. At times like this, a clothes tree will help you a lot. Thanks to the clothes tree, your baby’s belongings will be saved from bacteries or disappearing! Using hanger will be really practical for you in your everyday life!

What To Be Careful About Baby Room Decoration?

In the above list, we have provided all the details for you that must be present in a baby room. Under this title, we will try to give you some important clues about baby room decoration. If you read the rest of our article in detail, you can make the baby room more functional.

TIP 1:

The baby room should not be organized too crowded. If the size of the baby room is small, make sure that the items you buy to put in the room are small. Otherwise the baby room will become quite cramped. In such a case, it is inevitable that minor accidents may occur continuously. Especially when your baby grows a little and starts to crawl, the baby’s room does not have to look too crowded to keep it safe.

TIP 2:

When decorating a baby room, make sure that the objects you have purchased are fixed to the wall. Objects that are not fixed to the wall can be destroyed in the event of an accident or an earthquake. This collapse can have terrible consequences for your baby. Therefore, when placing decoration materials such as wardrobe in the room, be sure to fix it on the wall.

TIP 3:

When decorating a baby room, make sure that the objects you buy do not have very sharp edges. After your baby starts crawling, he will visit every part of his room to explore his surroundings in detail. Your baby may hit his head anywhere. In such a case, it is important that the purchased items do not have very hard and sharp edges in order to avoid very negative consequences.

TIP 4:

Baby room decoration is not an easy job. Technical details about baby room decoration are very important in this process. But that doesn’t change the fact that decorating a baby room is also enjoyable. Before you start decorating the baby’s room, make sure to make a change to the room’s walls. You can paint the walls of the room or shape the walls of the room with a brand new wallpaper.


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Could you send details on the rocking chair. Where it can be purchased, price, weight limits etc



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