Everything You Ever wondered About Preeclampsia!

Everything You Ever wondered About Preeclampsia!

What is Preeclampsia?

It is the high blood pressure that occurs during pregnancy. It is usually seen after the 20th week. It is a disease characterized by sudden increase in blood pressure, excessive edema and protein in the urine. However, it should be noted that the swelling seen in most pregnant women does not mean that you have preeclampsia problem. Also, you may be suffering from high blood pressure without preeclampsia. For this reason, it may be helpful to look at the symptoms of preeclampsia.

What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy Poisoning?

We said that experiencing high blood pressure and bloating does not mean that you have a preeclampsia problem. So what are the symptoms of preeclampsia that will make you realize that you have such a condition? We listed it below.

Weight gain not due to binge eating (Learn the truth: Everything You Are Wondering About Pregnancy Weight Gain!),

Significant swelling of hands and face,

Swelling in your ankles that does not go away even though you are not standing and resting frequently (We recommend that you look at the article: Foot Swelling in Pregnancy in 6 Items).

Headaches of unknown origin (Why it happens, how it goes? ),

Soreness in stomach and esophagus,

Body itch (Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy Itching and Pregnancy Cholestasis),

Blurred or double vision,

Increase in reflexes is among the symptoms of preeclampsia in pregnancy .

However, the following situations are thought to be related to poisoning during pregnancy .

1- Genetic effects:

The genetic structure of the fetus is effective. there are researchers who think. In this case, if your mother or the father of the baby’s father had preeclampsia while the mother was pregnant, your likelihood of having it increases.

2- Vascular problem:

Usually women are pregnant, veins dilate. Those who experience pregnancy poisoning have been observed to have narrowed vessels. For this reason, it is thought that the narrowing of the vessels affects the formation of preeclampsia.

3- Gum disease:

It has been determined that pregnant women with gum disease have more preeclampsia problems than women with healthy gums. The reason for this is thought to be that gum problems are producing chemicals that cause pregnancy poisoning.

Let’s see: Why Is Dental Care So Important During Pregnancy?

4- The immune system’s response to pregnancy:

The baby and the placenta It is based on the assumption that it causes allergies to your body.

No close to the unborn baby: Everything About the Placenta in 10 Items

Does Pregnancy Poisoning Recur?

If you had preeclampsia in your first pregnancy, in your second pregnancy preeclampsia risk is 1 in 3.

This risk is even higher if preeclampsia was diagnosed in her first pregnancy or if preeclampsia started early in her pregnancy.

How to Treat Pregnancy Poisoning?

If you have regular medical check-ups during your pregnancy, preeclampsia can be diagnosed and treated early. In this sense, going through routine checks is the best way to detect this problem.

Also, keeping track of your symptoms and informing your doctor about the changes you have observed in your body is the best method for both preeclampsia treatment during pregnancy and early detection of other problems you may encounter.

If you have been diagnosed with preeclampsia, your blood pressure will be measured at each prenatal visit. Bed rest at home and monitoring of blood pressure and fetus are the methods used in preeclampsia treatment .

Bed rest is preferred because it enables the kidneys to work better and the blood flow to the uterus increases.

In this sense, there is no cure for preeclampsia other than the birth of your baby. Without the need for postpartum preeclampsia treatment , it is seen that normal blood pressure level is rapidly returned after birth.

Your diet is also important in this regard: Avoid These 15 Things: What You Should Not Eat During Pregnancy!



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