Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Twelfth (12) Month

Is your infant in the 12. Month of baby development? The first year of your baby’s development is always important. Because the first year is a psychological and physical threshold for infant development. After the first year of life, babies begin to walk, talk and communicate effectively with their social environment. The first year of life is an invisible starting point to many thing for many babies. The proportion and frequency of all needs of infants varies according to the period in which they are in. It is therefore important to know how your baby will experience changes during each developmental period. Because, in accordance with this information, you can learn about the nutrients and the care routine you need to offer your baby. In addition to them, this is the only way you can get information about how to communicate with your baby.

Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Twelfth (12) Month
Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Twelfth (12) Month

Nowadays, the number of websites that prepare articles by using scientific sources about infant development is very small. We provide you with reliable and healthy infant development articles. In today’s article we will talk with you about the 12th month baby development. If you want to know about this subject, do not forget to read the rest of our article as soon as possible.

What Happens To Your Baby in the 12. Month of His / Her Life?

You may notice various changes within the 12th month of your baby’s development process. For example, your baby may have improved a lot in speaking. Your baby, who can say the simple names or spellings of the objects around him or her, will delight you. If you frequently do book reading activities with your baby, you will increase your baby’s speaking skills. Because as your baby hears words from your mouth, he or she will become more familiar with them and understand how to pronounce them. Therefore, such activities are important for infant development.

Your baby may have started walking in the 12th month of life. If he or she  still can’t walk, the probable walking process is about to begin. Depending on the development of motor muscles, some babies may walk earlier or later than others. You have nothing to worry about. Cautiously follow your baby’s development process.

One of the most exciting developments for you in the 12th month of your baby’s life is the development of baby teeth. After the first 12 months, it is very important that you take care of your baby’s oral health. Because many babies start having teeth approximately in the 20th month of life. It is very important that oral health is in a very good condition until this period. Don’t forget to take your baby to the dentist to have the oral health checked.

Your baby’s motor skills are developing rapidly and his or her baby grip skills are much better than before. The ability to grasp an object is very important for baby development. Because of this skill, many babies learn the world around them. In addition to this, you need to improve your comprehension skills to start playing games. Therefore, make sure to buy toys that will improve your baby’s gripping talent.

Mirror Neurons and Social Development of Your Baby

Babies are very successful in observing learning. Therefore, the social environment you share with your baby can be considered as an experiment environment for your baby. Some neurons in the brain of each individual increase their ability to learn by observing. These neurons are called mirror neurons. These kinds of neurons improve our ability to imitate learning. In addition, we acquire sophisticated skills through these neurons. For example, the ability to build empathy is one of the important capabilities that we have gained through mirror neurons.

For all these reasons, the development of mirror neurons in babies is very important. When there is a suspicion about the brain development of infants with high learning disabilities, a check with mirror neurons is performed first. A baby at the age of one has multiple mirror neurons. Because the need for learning and observation of an individual at this age is very high. As we get older, we lose some of our mirror neurons.


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