Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Tenth (10) Month

Your baby’s development process is more intense than you think. From day of birth, your baby experiences various changes every day. The rate of mitosis in your baby’s body is very high. In addition, you can be sure that your baby’s neurons are working more intensively on tissue differentiation and neural organization. While the physical and mental development of a newborn baby is going on so quickly, it is important that parents know about this development process. Otherwise, parents who are unconscious can fail to meet the needs of their babies. Therefore, it is important to have information about the development process of a baby after birth.

Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Tenth (10) Month
Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Tenth (10) Month

A newborn baby faces various problems, especially during the first year of life. In order to minimize the likelihood of these problems, it is valuable to have detailed information about the development processes. Within the scope of all this information, we have prepared a detailed article about baby development in the 10th month. In this article, we talked about the changes that can occur in a baby specific to the 10th month. In addition, we have given you detailed information about the risky situations that a baby may encounter in the 10th month. You can read the rest of our article to learn about all these issues.

What Happens To Your Baby in 10. Month of His / Her Life?

Here some important informations about what happens to your baby in the 10. Month of his or her life. You can have a look at the items below:

  1. The 10th month of baby development indicates a very pleasant period. Because a baby, in the 10th month of life, has become a highly sufficient individual to communicate. This month your baby will communicate with you by making various sounds. At the same time, your baby’s ability to communicate through eye contact is highly developed this month. Your baby, who has become a real social creature, will start to build close relationships with his peers within the 10th month of his or her development. Your baby, who has relationships with both sexes, will crawl while playing games.
  2. During the 10th month of the baby’s development, some changes in the sleep patterns of the babies may also occur. As your baby grows, you will notice that the time she spent sleeping during the day decreases. Your baby will now spend more time with you and the environment. This is a very critical fact. Babies, who are perfect observers, record the scenes they see around them and every sound they hear. Therefore, having a peaceful family environment can become more important than before.
  3. 10 months in the baby development process, it can be difficult for you. It will be difficult for you to take your baby, which has become heavier than before, to the places you go. So you can get a comfortable and easy-to-use stroller.

What To Be Careful About in the 10. Month Baby Development?

During the baby’s developmental period, 10 months is important to recognize the disease called sleep apnea. If you are observing an unhealthy condition in your baby’s sleep pattern, it is useful to examine the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea can cause your baby to snore very loudly while sleeping. In addition, babies who often find it difficult to breathe and who are constantly tired may also experience sleep apnea. Remember to consult your doctor for the solution of sleep apnea in babies.

There are many causes of sleep apnea. We wanted to briefly list the most important reasons for you:

  1. Swollen tonsils and lymph nodes,
  2. Inward dent chin,
  3. Being sick often,
  4. Allergy, Inward dent chin,
  5. Cleft palate or an underdeveloped nervous system.

All the items listed above can be a cause of the sleep apnea in babies. You should carefully observe your babies movements in his or her daily life in order to understand whether he or she has a problem with his or her sleeping routine. These are all you need to know about 10 month baby development process for now. Check out our other articles for more information.


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