Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Eleventh (11) Month

If you want to do detailed research on your baby’s development process, you are definitely in the right place. It is important for parents to have information about their babies and to be able to meet the needs of their babies without a need of emergency situation. Such a scenario points to a baby who can successfully meet the development process. Therefore, many parents are now looking at websites to learn about the development process of their newborn children. In all of the articles we publish for you on our website, we offer suggestions and facts about baby development process in the light of scientific information. You can learn about the baby development process by reading these articles. In today’s article, we will try to give detailed information about the 11th month baby development.

Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Eleventh (11) Month
Developmental Stages of Your Baby: Eleventh (11) Month

Breastfeeding: Yes or No?

The 11th month of the baby’s development process is an important month in which almost one year is completed. According to research, many mothers stop the breesfeed their babies in the 11. month of development process. Breastfeeding may be stopped after the first six months if necessary, according to experts’ advice. However, if possible, there are also experts who believe that every baby should be breastfed by the end of one year. Therefore, if you are still feeling well, we recommend that you continue breastfeeding for another month or two. So, what changes in your baby’s body during the 11th month baby development process? Is everything going well with your baby’s mental development? Read the rest of the article in order to get more information about these questions!

What Happens To Your Baby in 11. Month of His or Her Life?

Here some informations about baby development in 11. Month of his or her life. Have a look at the items below:

  1. 11 months of your baby’s development process is very important. You may have taken the first steps in toilet training this month. Situations related to your baby’s ability to walk may also interfere with toilet training. Try not to go over your baby much about it. Your baby will try to learn how to walk first, and then he / she will be able to walk the toilet successfully. Take care to present your baby’s trainings patiently and in order.
  2. During the baby development process, at the end of the 11th month, you will notice that your baby’s birthday is approaching! This can be quite incredible and exciting for you. Because the first year in the baby development process passes quite quickly. You can start planning your baby’s first age party already. Remember that your baby will enjoy spending time with his or her peers. In line with this idea, try to prepare an enjoyable party for your baby.

What To Be Careful About in the 11. Month of Baby Development?

You should remember that you are in a very important period in your baby’s development process. Now your baby listens to you and even understands most of what you say. At the same time, the period your baby is in is a period in which the most basic stages of character development take shape. During this period, we recommend that you read lots of books with your baby. Read colorful and picture books to your baby. Show pictures to your baby while reading books and try to communicate with your baby. This will be an extremely healthy activity.

The 11th month baby development is a very enjoyable process. There are no major problems you will encounter. If you find it difficult during the toilet training process, you should remember that this is very normal. Because your baby is actually quite inexperienced about it. You can watch some videos on Youtube about baby toilet training  or you can read our articles about this issue that we have published on our website before.

Chicken Pox in Babies

If your baby encounters a large number of pimples on his face during this period, you are facing the possibility of chickenpox. In this case, remember that you should consult your doctor before administering medication or vaccine. In general, babies may experience this problem just before they turn one year old. Note that this is a natural problem.


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