Development Stages of Your Baby: Third (3) Month

Your baby quickly enters the developmental phase after birth. During the different stage of infant development, your baby’s body grows and mental activity becomes more capable than before. Of course, for all this to happen, your baby needs some physical and psychological supportive objects. Therefore, it is important to have detailed information about the infant development process. This way, you can provide your baby with what he / she needs when he / she needs it. Specialist psychologists and doctors, the development process of babies in the first 2 years, is very important for the continuation of life, they say. You should support your baby’s development at the maximum level during this process. Therefore, we prepare articles that give you instructional information about the development process. In today’s article you will have the opportunity to learn more about the development of the 3rd month baby. If you want to learn about this subject, please read the rest of our article.

Development Stages of Your Baby: Third (3) Month
Development Stages of Your Baby: Third (3) Month

What Happens To Your Baby’s Body in the 3. Month?

In the 3rd month of infant development, your baby can now easily separate the sounds and images of individuals. In this way, the chance to establish intimate relationship with your baby increases. Your baby is now relaxed and happy when he hears your voice. In the process, your baby will often want to feel your presence. Therefore, life can become difficult for you. Try to take care of your baby by taking turns with your partner. This way, you can easily find time to relax.

During the 3rd month baby development process your baby will start to make sounds. Of course, these sounds are far from being words. Sounds like ‘’Agu – agu’’ will be the nidas your baby uses to communicate with you in the process. Your baby will also start screaming while crying. This might piss you off at first. But over time these screams will begin to turn into meaningful sounds.

Within the development of your baby, there are some important changes in the 3rd month. Of course, in addition to these changes, there may be some potential problems. In the process, your baby is unable to provide any of its needs by itself. Therefore, it is your duty to carry out its continuous maintenance. If you are not careful enough about cleaning, your baby may have a rash problem. Problems such as diaper rash can be very painful especially for the newborn baby. If you encounter such a problem, use the necessary ointment in consultation with your doctor.

Some Tips and Recommendations For 3. Month of Baby Development

In the third month of infant life, your baby gained considerable weight and grew taller. In general, 5400 grams of baby girls during this time is expected. It is possible and normal for boy babies to reach up to 5900 grams. The average length of 3-month-old babies is 58 centimeters for girls. This average is 60 cm for infant boys.

As your baby develops quickly in this process and your responsibilities increase rapidly, you can get overwhelmed from time to time. In such cases, you have to pay attention to yourself. Especially today, there are courses and socialization environments for new mothers. You can participate in these together with your baby. Breastfeeding is very important for the first 6 months of your baby’s life. Therefore, it is quite natural that you depend on your baby during these 6 months. But at the end of the first six months, you can be sure that your dependency rate will be very low.

During this process, our most important advice for you exercise. You may have gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy before birth. Your confidence may therefore be reduced. If you want to lose weight in this process, now is the time to start. You can do regular exercises or register at a gym. This can make you feel better. These are all you need to know about 3. Month of development of baby. You can read our other articles in our website in order to have much more information about infant development process in detailed way.


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