Development Stages of Your Baby: Seventh (7) Month

Pregnancy is a very intense and difficult process. But this difficult process continues after giving birth to your baby. In order to manage the development process of your newborn, you need to pay attention to many things. In addition, the process of breastfeeding your baby itself is extremely tiring. When your baby is born, your own health becomes more important than before. Because the healthy life of your baby depends on your health. After the pregnancy, the infant development process can cause many mothers to get burnout syndrome. However, it is possible for the mother to feel good again with partner support and division of labor. Having detailed information about your baby’s development process will make you a more conscious parent. Therefore, we are trying to prepare some highly functional articles for you. In today’s article we will talk with you about the 7th month baby development. You can read the rest of our article for detailed information.

Development Stages of Your Baby: Seventh (7) Month
Development Stages of Your Baby: Seventh (7) Month

What Happens To Your Baby in the 7. Month of His / Her Life?

The seventh month of your baby’s development is actually quite easy. Your baby is still too small to tire you. So you don’t have to neglect your social life. You can meet your friends by taking your baby with you and participate in various activities. In addition, your baby has survived the sensitivity of the first period after birth. He or she doesn’t get sick as fast as he or she used to. Because the immune system is strengthened. This stage of your baby’s development process is therefore valuable.

If you continue to breastfeed in the 7th month of baby development, you may be physically tired. Remember, in order for your body to have the necessary energy, you must exercise. Exercise makes you feel better and strengthens your muscles. It also prevents you from having trouble with milk production.

Another thing to consider in the seventh month of baby development is your feeding routine. Milk production process is a very sensitive process. Your nutritional routine will directly affect your body’s capacity to produce milk. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid not only alcohol but also caffeine-containing products. In this process, you need to reduce your coffee and tea consumption.

Possible Problems Your Baby Can Face With in the 7. Month of His / Her Life

The problem of blood anemia is one of the problems your baby may face. Especially the 7th month is an ideal time to notice such a problem. If you think your baby has the following symptoms this month, you may should go to doctor and ask her what to do.

Baby Blood Anemia
Blood Anemia
  •  Grumpiness
  •  Anorexia, unability to eat
  •  Pale lip, skin, eyes and face
  •  Shortness of breath
  •  Heart problems
  •  Persistent physical and mental problems.

The above symptoms are the most popular symptoms of anemia in the blood. In such a case, you should consult your doctor immediately. Anemia may be caused by genetic factors. In addition, iron deficiency, infections and malnutrition are also valid reasons for anemia. If your baby experiences anemia, you should follow the advice of your doctor.

Babies who experience anemia are very sensitive babies. According to the advice of experts, these babies should be given breast milk until the age of one. Cow’s milk can be harmful to babies with anemia. In addition, when choosing food, we recommend you to use grain-reinforced foods. We also recommend feeding your baby with foods that could be a source of vitamin C.


Another important event in your baby’s development process is teething. If you are in the 7th month, your baby is very little out of his or her teeth. Therefore, it is important to use foods with high calcium content in this process. Because calcium supports your baby to have strong and healthy teeth. Tos um up, the most important thing in your baby’s development process, especially for before one year, is the feeding routine. Healtier feeding routine will make your baby more and more healty. These are all you need to know about baby development for 7. Month. You can have a look at our other articles in order to be informed about other months of your baby’s life.


Written by Lady Byron


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