Development Stages of Your Baby: First (1) Mouth

The process of growing of your baby in your belly is a very difficult and exciting. Immediately after this process, you will enter a more intensive period with the birth of your baby. Your baby’s vulnerable body begins to develop in this period. Your baby’s height, weight, motor skills and mental functions change and develop day by day. In the course of this process, your baby needs some basic support to make the best progress.

These support objects can be psychological or physical. Your baby’s feeding routine has a direct impact on his or her development. In addition, what nutrients your baby receives is also important for your immediate psychological state. Because some substances allow the body to secrete hormones such as serotonin. Hormones like serotonin make your baby feel psychologically good. Failure to secrete such hormones can cause your baby to be in a psychologically negative state.

In this article, we will talk about the development process of the baby in the first month. We will draw on the ideas of renowned psychologists and doctors who work on child development. If you want to learn about this subject, you should read the rest of our article as soon as possible.

Development Stages of Your Baby: First (1) Mouth
Development Stages of Your Baby: First Mouth

What Happens To Your Baby Physically in the First Mounth?

There will be many changes in your baby’s body in the first month after birth. There is another important problem in the face of the baby trying to get used to the world, the humidity and oxygen levels of the environment. This problem is described by psychologists as an excess of stimuli. The baby, who lives a quiet and peaceful life in the womb, is confronted with a completely different world from the day of birth. There are so many sounds, textures and situations in this world. In order to perceive all of this, an advanced brain capacity is needed. Your baby’s brain development continues rapidly in the first month.

Your baby’s vision is very limited in this process. Your baby can only see objects that are approximately 30 centimeters close to her or her. So try to approach him or her when you talk to him. However, it is possible to say that your baby is more advanced in terms of sensitivity to sounds.

Your baby has a perfect sleep pattern within the first month of life. Babies who sleep sometimes 20 and usually 17 hours a day store plenty of energy. This sleep pattern allows you to rest.

In the first month, the baby’s digestive system is very fast, but weak. So your baby can poop about 4 or 5 times a day. You may often have to change your baby’s diaper. After a few months, this number will decrease. But do not forget to change your baby frequently during this process. Otherwise, your baby may have problems such as diaper rash.

Problems Can Be Occur During First Mouth of Your Baby

Newborn jaundice is one of the most important problems experienced by many babies in the first month. So, what does this disease mean? Let’s do a short review. The number of blood cells in newborn individuals is quite high. However, since the lungs of these individuals are not yet strong, they cannot pump enough blood to all blood cells. This condition may cause a disease called jaundice. Today, many mothers and fathers notice and worry that their newborn child has such a problem. However, jaundice is a very natural condition that you may encounter during the first month of your baby’s life. Consult your doctor as quickly as possible. This disease can be cured in a short time. Remember to take your baby to a doctor’s checkup so that you can get information about your baby’s current health status.

A blood test can be used to determine if your baby has jaundice. If the bilirubin ratio in your baby’s blood values is abnormal, your baby may have jaundice. The blood required for this blood sample is taken from your baby’s heel. That is all you need to know about first mounth of your baby in the life. Support your baby both psysically and psychologically.


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