Best Thermometer Recommendations for Babies

Best Thermometer Recommendations for Babies

First of all, let’s say this: All thermometers except the old type, mercury thermometers that are squeezed under the armpits are classified as digital thermometers.

A few notes on the use of digital thermometers

Also when using a digital thermometer There are a few very important tricks you should be aware of, but beware:

The biggest problem with most digital thermometers is that they don’t give the same results every time. For this reason, we recommend that you take several measurements after resetting the device. Take your child’s temperature even when he’s not sick. Good opportunity to know your child’s normal temperature and to test the device. It would be nice if you also have a mercury thermometer at home to check the digital thermometer, just in case.

Non-contact thermometer recommendations

Infrared thermometers are the most technological of all. There are both contact and non-contact ones among forehead thermometers. You can get results when the non-contact thermometers hold your baby’s eyebrow area from a distance.

Braun’s thermometers are quite popular. This thermometer is both non-contact and forehead contact. You can measure your baby’s temperature without waking him up and disturbing him.

If you want to run it in contactless mode, just keep it 2.5 cm away from your baby’s forehead. Measures in 2 seconds. Thanks to its ultra-sensitive sensor, it captures twice the heat compared to conventional forehead thermometers. It has a backlight to make it easy to take measurements at night. You can run it in silent mode. It has aiming light for accurate measurement, it has a positioning guidance system. It has different color codes for fire values. It has a memory of 9 measurements. You can also measure your child’s food, drinks and bath water temperature. There is also a black color option.

When we examine the comments about the Braun BNT 400 thermometer, we can say that the users are very satisfied with the performance of the product.

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It makes it easy to classify the measurement results with its white, green, orange and red light display. It offers easy use with its audible / visual high fever alarm and screen lighting. It turns off automatically 30 seconds after measurement. It also allows you to measure in silent mode. It has a memory of 9 measurements. You can use it safely for many years thanks to its solid and durable material.

3. Omron Gentle Temp 720 Forehead Non Contact Thermomete

Omron thermometer is a thermometer blindfolded by families who trust the brand’s success in medical products.

Apart from the fever of your child, You can also measure the temperature of the room and the bottle or bowl. It measures fever in 1 second. There is a light behind it for night use. The Omron non-contact thermometer has a recording memory of 25 measurements. It has a silent mode.

Although the prices of Omron thermometers are higher than other brands, when we looked at their comments, we saw that the users were happy and we thought we would recommend this infrared thermometer to you.


When you measure your baby’s temperature with this device, you can be sure of the distance. Its measurement speed is higher than other remote thermometers. It can measure in 0.5 seconds from a distance of 5 cm. It has a memory of 32 measurements. The LCD screen is large. You can set an alarm if you want. There is an auto save option to make it easy for you to track your baby’s temperature. It also has an automatic shut-off feature. It has a color-coded fire guide.

The Weewell WTN570 users appreciated that the product was fast and consistent during measurement.

5. Xiaomi Fever Meter

Xiaomi non-contact thermometer allows measurement without touching the body thanks to its ultra sensitive German Heimann sensor. Suitable for use by infants, children and adults, this device captures heat twice as much as conventional contact thermometers, thanks to its innovative optical system.

With the Xiaomi ihealth non-contact thermometer, you can measure within 1 second from a distance of approximately 3 cm.It works with one button, you can use it easily thanks to its simple design. It works quietly. Measurement range: 32 ° C-42.9 ° C

Xiaomi thermometer received very positive comments about its stylish design and easy use. The low margin of error and silent operation of the product are among its most admired features.

6. Medifine Contactless Fever Meter

We recommend Medifine as the cheapest non-contact thermometer, the reviews are very positive.

Medifine thermometer body and object temperature It has two functions including measurement. You can measure within 1 second from a distance of 5-8 cm. There is a high fever alarm system. Resistant to falls; because they used shock-absorbing barriers around the motherboard. It has the feature to save your last measurement. Measurement Range: 32.0 ° C-42.9 ° C.

This product of Medifine has the basic features to be expected from a digital thermometer, and the users are generally satisfied. That’s why non-contact thermometers were among our recommendations.


Among the forehead thermometers, we can say that it is well above the average in terms of price-performance. It is a reliable digital thermometer that has been proven to give the same results as oral measurements in simultaneous and comparative measurements. It can measure even from a distance of 10 cm. This is a different feature than other digital thermometers. You can measure the temperature of your baby’s room, bottle, or bath water. Measures in 0.5 seconds. When you measure from your baby’s temple distance, you will get the most accurate result. Practical to use with its illuminated LCD screen. There is a high fever alarm. It has an automatic shutdown and low battery alert feature. Memory capacity 10.

Plusmed laser thermometer is appreciated by its speed and its easy measurement without disturbing the baby. According to the comments made, we can say that it is a device that gives consistent results in measuring both body and object temperature.

8. Beurer FT70 Non Contact Digital Thermometer

One of the most reliable infrared thermometers.

The Beurer thermometer stands out with its quality and practicality. It has a lot of appreciation due to its German brand. The price is also very good according to its features. You can measure both body temperature, ambient and surface temperature. The surface temperature option is useful for measuring the temperature of products such as bottles, pacifiers. It allows to measure fever from the forehead and ear. There is Turkish language support, you can run it in silent mode. There are 10 user memories. There is a high fever alarm.

The comments of those who use the Beurer FT70 thermometer indicate that the product is a high quality, easy-to-use device that provides successful measurement results.

9. Wee Baby Non Contact Thermometer

” Which thermometer are used by doctors? ” If you’re wondering, we can say that the Wee Baby thermometer is an effective product that both mothers and doctors can easily use. In addition to its practical use, it is also appreciated because it is economical compared to other thermometer prices.

Thanks to the Japanese detection system, you can make a quick and comfortable measurement without touching your child’s body.It has the ability to give an audible signal at fever higher than 38 ° C. It can keep the last 32 temperature measurements in memory. It has a 3-color illuminated LCD digital display. It turns off automatically within 30 seconds to conserve energy. With the Wee Baby thermometer, you can also measure the room temperature of your baby bottle and bath. You can buy it with an easy portable storage container.

Comparison of non-contact thermometers

Brand / Model Featured Feature Price Braun BNT 400 Precise measurement 720 TL Medisana 48611 Forehead + ear measurement 550 TL Omron Gentle Temp 720 Backlight 1350 TL Weewell WTN570 Memory for 32 measurements 545 TL Xiaomi Mi Ihealth Silent operation 550 TL Medifine Thermometer Impact resistant 300 TL Plusmed Hw-3 Measuring even from a distance of 10 cm 355 TL Beurer FT70 Forehead + ear measurements 580 TL Wee Baby Thermometer 32-meter memory 400 TL

Ear thermometer recommendations

If your baby is over 6 months old, you can use in-ear thermometers.

This is one of the most admired of Braun’s ear thermometer models, the product you have seen.

Patented Age Precision® have the property. This technology serves as a fire guide by age. In this way, you can learn whether your baby’s fever is very low, how many degrees of fever are dangerous for age. You can easily interpret the results thanks to the color-coded screen. It has ExacTemp routing system for accurate positioning. As the thermometer brings it closer to your baby’s ear, it tells you the proper location with a beep and light. The front panel has a passage light feature. It stores the last 9 measurements. There are hygienic disposable lens filters. These filters do not contain BPA and latex.

The users of Braun 6520 admire the quality of the brand. There are many positive opinions about the accuracy of the product’s measurements.

2. Chicco Auricular Fever Meter Quick Comfort

Chicco, which we saw more negative comments than the average about the non-contact thermometer, entered our recommendation list because it received good reviews with its ear thermometer.

Measures the heat emitted by the eardrum of your baby in about 1 second.It has a memory of 25 measurements. When he measures his baby’s temperature above 37.5 C, he gives an audible signal. It claims to have the world’s smallest measuring tip. Specially designed to avoid disturbing tiny ears.

3. Weewell Auricular Fever Meter WTE250

Weewell is also on our list with its ear thermometer.

It makes a difference with its filter-free design that eliminates the cost of disposable filters. . It measures in 1 second. It can measure food, bath water and ambient temperature. It gives an audible warning in high heat. It can turn off automatically. Suitable for all age groups. It has a memory of 9 measurements. Easy to hold and use with its ergonomic design.

Let’s talk about the comments of those who use Weewell auricular thermometers. The product is highly appreciated in terms of price-performance. It has also been highly appreciated for its fast measurement and accurate results.

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It measures in 1 second. It has a memory of 25 measurements. Thanks to its backlight, you can easily measure your baby’s temperature at night. You can see the temperatures comfortably on the large LCD screen.

Omron auricular thermometer has collected positive points from its users with its fast measurement and consistent results.

5. Microlife Fever Meter IR 150

Microlife thermometer, one of the most popular products in terms of price and performance, is one of the ideal options you can choose.

you can measure. It can measure in 1 second from a distance of 4-6 cm. You can easily read the values ​​thanks to the illuminated LCD screen. When the measurement is finished, it gives an audible warning. There is a high fever alarm against risky situations. There are 30 record memories. Measurement range: 32 ° C-43 ° C

Comparison of ear thermometers

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Rod thermometer suggestions

Stick-shaped digital thermometers generally measure later than infrared thermometers, they do not have memory capacity.

Moreover, they are quite cheap compared to infrared thermometers.

1. Acura Fever Meter AC-1000

Acura thermometer is one of the favorite products with its economical price and practical use in emergencies. Since it is portable, you can always take it with you.

It takes measurements in 1 minute. It turns on and off with a sound. There is a sound alert. It can keep the last measurement in its memory. It can turn off automatically.

2. Weewell Bar Thermometer WTD 105

Measures in 10 seconds. 100% water resistant. It turns off automatically in 10 minutes. It offers easy use with its soft tip. It gives an alarm in high heat.

Those who use Weewell rod thermometers have made positive comments about the flexibility of the product, especially at the tip.

3. Medisana Digital Thermometer FTC 77030

Measures in 60 seconds.It gives an audible warning when the measurement starts and ends. It records your last measurement. It is 100% waterproof. It has an automatic shutdown feature.

The comments made by users of Medisana FTC 77030 on the internet indicate that the device is consistent in measurement.

Comparison of stick digital thermometers

Brand / Model Featured Feature Price Acura AC-1000 Keeping the last measurement in memory 25 TL Weewell WTD 105 Elastic tip 60 TL Medisana FTC 77030 Waterproof

We have come to the end of our suggestions, you can also take a look at the ideas of experienced mothers here: What is your thermometer recommendation?


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