Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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881 Valthjof Norse Son of OrIyg. M
882 Vandrad Norse Son of Osvin. M
883 Vanir Norse A mythical god of rain. M
884 Var Norse Punishes adulterers. F
885 Ve Norse Giver of feeling. M
886 Vegard Norse Protection. M
887 Vegeir Norse Meat sacrificer. M
888 Velaug Norse Wife of Bjorn Buna. F
889 Vestar Norse Son of Thorolf. M

890 Vestein Norse Son of Vegeir. M
891 Vidar Norse Tree fighter. M
892 Vifil Norse Father of Thornbjorn. M
893 Vigdis Norse Wife of Killer Hrapp. F
894 Vigrid Norse Battleground. M
895 Viking Norse Father of Thord. M
896 Vili Norse Giver of reason. M
897 Volsung Norse Ruler of the Huns. M
898 Volva Norse A prophetess. F
899 Vor Norse An omniscient goddess. F
900 Wray Norse From the corner property. M